Illustration: Alessandra De Cristofaro

Those of us who are creatives require a good amount of inspiration. I thought to share with you guys my top ways that I find inspiration. It is daily work or you will find yourself burnt out especially if you work long days. Much like seeking happiness, seeking inspiration is another essential task for staying on top.


This alone can make me so happy in an instant! I’ve been so drawn to it since I was young and every time I get “too busy” and forget to turn on some good music, I find myself getting run down much faster…

Illustration: Alessandra De Cristofaro

We’ve all made mistakes in our 20s but we live and learn — and hopefully share! I wanted to share some of the things that I’ve learned over the last few years.

Here are some important advice I wish I had in my 20s:

It doesn’t matter what you major in. Hard work and ambition can get you the world. Without that work ethic, a degree in any field is just something on your resume. Hard work and dedication to your passions is really what gets you places.

Take care of your skin! A tan lasts for moments but your…

Illustration by: Alessandra De Cristofaro

A Note From The Editor: While it’s never easy or comfortable to bring the deep issues that many of us go through, I am no less convinced that certain issues must be discussed in order to increase awareness, foster healing and to, perhaps most importantly, remind ourselves that we are not alone. The following is a blog post about understanding SAD (social anxiety disorder). I hope this encourages healthy discussion and motivates those who are struggling to reach out for help.

Living with social anxiety is not as easy as it might seem.

“Social anxiety is the fear of interaction…

Be careful who you trust!

As someone who has been performing, writing, working on music ever since she was a child, and years trying to break into the music industry, I would like to give some important, valuable advice and suggestions that I’ve gain throughout the years to young performers out there who are thinking about stepping into this industry with the only and most precious and priceless thing they have. Talent.

Here are my thoughts:

In today’s music industry, when you’re first starting out your music career journey, “they” look for how much money you have, instead of the actual talent. Isn’t talent more…

Illustration: Alessandra De Cristofaro

In recent months, I have experienced as I watched from a distance, someone else’s life. In my thoughts, I am in a sort of very long trip that just will not seem to stop. And without ever having something taken-apart from innumerable cups of black/green tea to stay awake after many sleepless nights. Natural high, as it is also referred to as beautiful. It’s a strange thing; adrenaline. It is one of the most uncomfortable feelings that I know, because usually it is accompanied by a large dose of nerves. And that means; trembling knees, a lid that just will…

Brandi Shigley’s Motivation to Success

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Dreamer and doer Brandi Shigley has been motivating and transforming the Denver fashion community since 2004, when she founded Fashion Denver, a local organization that supports aspiring designers to grow their businesses. Shigley is a strong believer in “Do What You Love, Love What You Do,” which has been her number one motto throughout her creative life.

Adopted from the Philippines, Shigley grew up in Colorado in an entrepreneurial family. After graduating from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a degree in communications, she started her first business at the age 23, designing custom handbags…

Fashion advice: Confidence is the key

Growing up, my mother used to dress me up in bright blazers. Blazers with skirts, shorts, jeans and dresses. She has a very unique taste when it comes to fashion and interior design. When I was 4 years old, she bought me my very first blazer–I remember it very clearly, as though it was yesterday. The blazer was bright pink, the inside fabric color was white with tiny pink dots. I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it. That’s when I knew that my passion for fashion had just begun…

It is holding us back.

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

Fear is a bad adviser. This is a saying that we are exposed to at an early age. Because by believing in a monster under your bed, you are forced to lie in bed with your parents. Been there, done that.

Fear comes in very different forms of expression around the corner. No longer am I afraid of monsters or other critters in my bedroom and I even have my fear of spiders somewhat under control. …

Interview with Suzanne Popovich Chandler

VERSATILITY: Award-winning photographer Suzanne Chandler has freelanced for 60 Minutes, America’s Most Wanted, Dateline and ESPN. [Photo courtesy Suzanne Chandler]

Suzanne Popovich Chandler is a broadcast and photojournalist who has been in journalism business for 35 years. She freelanced extensively for the ABC, NBC, and CBS networks including, 60 Minutes, America’s Most Wanted, Dateline and ESPN, and has been awarded numerous awards as a professional photographer.

As traditional newsrooms and editorial controls slowly vanish, the enforcers of journalistic standards are the audience. Today, colleges and universities offer variety of degree programs in print journalism, yet the question remains, if colleges should continue teaching programs in print concentration, since online journalism it taking over the world.

A Travel Story

Photo by Oleksii Hlembotskyi on Unsplash

It was a hot sunny summer day in the afternoon in June 1995. My mother and I patiently waited for our train at Yaroslavsky Railway Station in Moscow. We were off to our annual summer vacation to Odessa, Ukraine, a beautiful seaport city located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea. Odessa, major transportation hub and tourist destination, is known for its historical and exquisite architecture, as well as, it’s famous and largest sandy beach called Arkadia.

As we waited anxiously for our train, I remember feeling happy and overwhelmed with excitement. The blue train came shortly after we…

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