Some point down the line you are gonna have to finally do it, why not just do it Now.

Another random thought that occurred to me today after binge watching over 5 episodes of Casey Neistats vlogs.

so I woke up this morning feeling rather excited about my day, did my usual morning meditation and prayers to clear my head and get things in perspective. After which I took my bath(or did I? can't recall anymore as am feeling super hot right now.) and packed my backpack with my MacBook, headphone and a few other random stuff and just ran out the house to go work from a friend’s place, this is something I have been doing a lot lately due to the light condition of where I leave. I do have this Huge 3kVA generator set in my house which I bought earlier because I love the feeling of using My AC while I work late nights. Sounded like a good I idea at that time but right now, errm not quite much. because fuel has become gold and that thing is a fuel guzzler. I get like 30minute of run time per litter of fuel and that's if am lucky.

so you see, can't really make use of the generator set right now as a result i have to either get to the office or get to a friends place.

I do this thing where I procrastinate a lot on my larger goals. My smaller goals like building a mobile app, learning a new framework, or finishing a JOB, I do those pretty fast with zero hesitation, but when it comes to my Bigger goals like, Writing a book or a blog post daily, and becoming a public figure I generally just slack off on those. so lately in my moments of self-reflection, I have been asking myself “WHY”.

Why haven't I started writing. writing anything. why.

and out of nowhere this morning, after a cup of coffee and over 5 episodes of Casey's vlog I had a thought in my head.

You are going to finally do it someday anyway, why don't you just do it NOW.

BOOOooom! Clarity man! why have I being procrastinating on something which I enjoy?

Writing for me is not other tasks that I find painful to do. I actually do enjoy writing but somehow I have put it off for more than 2years now to do the other things I find more difficult.

I guess somewhere down the line I thought doing the fun work and things which I enjoyed doing wasn't the right to do. I don't get why I have been putting this shit off.

anyway, am glad am writing now. this is my third post in 3 days. and it didn't take me 2hours or several days to right either. wooow!