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If anyone thinks that in the first part of the movie Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) has successfully solved all his problems, well, bite me. The man’s problems are through the roof. And the government is bothering him, and competitors, and a man with two electric whips that cut metal like paper. And he’s got a serious beef with Tony. And that magnet, which stands in Iron Man’s chest, is still good so infects radiation, and Stark has no alternative. He’s dying.

Iron Man 2/plot of the movie

The world learns that millionaire inventor Tony Stark is the superhero Iron Man. The U.S. government summons Stark to a Senate hearing of the Arms Commission, the head of which, Senator Stern, tries to force the secret of his suit to be made public, justifying it by the fact that Iron Man is a weapon. But, according to Stark, Iron Man is a high-tech prosthetic inseparable from himself.

At the same time, many countries and corporations, even Stark’s main rival Justin Hammer, who heads Hammer Industries, are trying to create a suit similar to Iron Man, but all attempts are in vain. According to Stark, most countries will have to work on it for another five to ten years, and the company “Hammer Industries” — twenty.

At this time in Moscow, Russian engineer Anton Vanko, who worked with Howard Stark, dies in the arms of his son Ivan Vanko. Using his late father’s surviving blueprints, Ivan assembles an arc reactor and connects it to metal whips.

The world learns that millionaire inventor Tony Stark is the superhero Iron Man. The U.S. government summons Stark to a Senate hearing of the Arms Commission, the head of which, Senator Stern, tries to force the secret of his suit to be made public, justifying it by the fact that Iron Man is a weapon. But, according to Stark, Iron Man is a high-tech prosthetic inseparable from himself.

But Tony has a serious problem that only he and his butler know about — the artificial intelligence JARVIS — the palladium that is the fuel for the reactor that saves his life is also killing him. But there is no way to get rid of the reactor: the shrapnel left in his body, with which Stark was wounded in the first movie, will kill Tony by going near his heart. Together with JARVIS, he tries to find a chemical element that can “reliably and safely replace palladium”, but without success. He regularly drinks a chlorophyll cocktail to ease the palladium poisoning, but his blood intoxication grows daily. Stark realizes he’s about to die and starts doing crazy things. He decides to appoint Pepper Potts as CEO of Stark Industries. To formalize the official transfer of the company is invited lawyer Natalie Rushman, who as a photo model immediately interested Tony. During a trip to Monaco, Pepper discovers that Tony has hired Natalie as a permanent employee of the company. Inspired by her advice to “do whatever I want”, knowing for sure that he will die soon, Tony decides to participate in a race through the streets of Monaco team “Stark Industries” and takes the place of a pilot in the car.

At the Monte Carlo track during a race, Stark is attacked by Ivan Vanko in a suit with electric whips, Pepper and Happy bring Stark an Iron Man armor complete in a suitcase, and Tony defeats Ivan, albeit with great difficulty. Ivan ends up going to prison. Tony visits Vanko in prison and says he admires Ivan’s creation — “quite a good copy.” Vanko responds by saying that Stark comes from a family of thieves and that the arc reactor technology belonged to his father. He also knows that death by palladium is long and agonizing. Stark leaves in an even more dejected mood.

On the way back, Tony tries to tell Pepper that he’s dying, but he fails. Upon arrival, Stark finds out from JARVIS all the known details about Anton and Ivan Vanko. Anton Vanko was a Russian physicist who fled the USSR for the US in 1963 and started working with Howard Stark. But as early as 1967, Vanko was declared a Soviet spy and expelled from the country. His son Ivan Vanko, who also became a physicist, was accused of selling plutonium to Pakistan and spent 15 years in a camp in the Urals. Colonel Rhodes comes to visit Tony and realizes that he is ill.

The prison guards soon fake Vanko’s death in an explosion, kidnap him and bring him to Justin Hammer. Hammer promises Vanko to hide the fact of his survival, in return Ivan must help with the development of analogs of Stark’s suit. Vanko pretends to agree to help Hammer, but in the course of work constantly changes the terms of the deal. Instead of suits, he builds controlled drones, convincing Hammer that “a drone is better.” In fact, he spends most of his time designing his own suit, one that is more powerful and larger than Stark’s, with more powerful whips (on the advice Tony himself carelessly gave him).

Stark, meanwhile, is preparing to celebrate his next and, he thinks, last birthday. He decides to celebrate it in style by wearing an Iron Man costume. When Rowdy arrives at the party, Pepper is ashamed of Stark’s drunken antics. Seeing that persuasion is not working on Tony, Rhodes goes downstairs to Stark’s lab and puts on the first computerized steel Iron Man suit (Mark II). When he returns, he threatens Stark and demands that he remove his suit. Tony, under the influence of alcohol, decides to get into a fight with his best friend. In the heat of the fight, Stark utters the phrase “if you want to be a warrior (war machine), be one”. After wreaking havoc throughout the house, Rhodes flies off to an Air Force base in a Mark II suit.

The military appreciated that Rhodes had gotten Stark a functioning suit, and to Rhodes’ own displeasure, invited Hammer to “pump” him up by equipping him with a variety of small arms in addition to his existing systems.

When Stark walks away from the aftermath of the party, he is met by the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury. The latter is extremely unhappy that Tony has begun to behave in such a manner. Suddenly, their conversation is joined by an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Natasha Romayne. I.T. agent Natasha Romanova, nicknamed “Black Widow”, who is none other than lawyer Natalie Rushman. At the sight of her, Stark tells her she’s fired. From her, he receives an injection of lithium dioxide to relieve the symptoms of palladium poisoning. Also from Fury, he gets access to his father’s inheritance and a clue that he hasn’t tried everything yet to replace the palladium. Tony revisits old draft movie tapes of his father talking about Stark Industries. One of the tapes was a tape of Howard addressing Tony, where he points to the layout of the ’74 Stark Expo and says, “This is all for you. And someday you’ll realize that this is the embodiment of something more than just an invention. This is my life’s work. It’s the key to the future. I’m limited by the technology of my time, but the day will come and you will complete the project… But even now of one thing I’m sure: my best creation is you.”

Tony, trying to make amends and apologize to Pepper for his behavior, arrives at Stark Industries, but makes things worse. The mere fact that he brings strawberries as a reconciliation pisses Pepper off, since it’s the only thing she’s allergic to. After she leaves, Tony finds the very layout, which has an engraved note that reads “The key to the future is here.” Stark takes the maquette to the lab where, after modeling it volumetrically, he tries to discover his father’s secret. Having represented the planetary sphere as a nucleus, and all objects as protons-neutrons, with the help of JARVIS he creates a planetary model of a new chemical element, described as capable of becoming a harmless replacement for palladium. It is impossible to obtain it directly from existing elements, so Stark decides to build a particle gas pedal in his home and laboratory. Having assembled and started the installation, Tony manages to deflect a beam of particles into the desired element in the form of a triangle and get a new safe chemical element. He installs it in place of palladium and the new reactor immediately begins generating power.

Hammer, having gotten a sample of Stark’s suit, decides to talk to Vanko on new terms. Dissatisfied with his work, he puts two guards on him and tells him he doesn’t need him anymore. He promises to return after the Stark Expo, where he will show both the drones and the suit, and to negotiate “new terms of cooperation” with Vanko.

After a while, Vanko calls to Stark, in the background he can see the Hammer guards he hanged. Ivan thanks Stark for his advice to increase power. Stark is surprised by the call from a live Vanko and tries to track him. The direction finding breaks down in the Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. Ivan threatens Tony to “do to his family what she did to his 40 years ago.” Without waiting to test a reactor running on a new type of fuel, Stark puts on his new armor and rushes to the Expo.

Hammer speaks at the Stark Expo conference, where he shows off robots (which he calls “Hammer drones”) and a suit with James Rhodes inside, now looking like the canonical image of the Warrior, passing them off as his invention.

When Stark flies into the hall, wanting to warn Rhodes of danger, the robots and the Warrior suit spiral out of control and take off in pursuit of Stark. As it later turns out, control of the robots and suit has been taken over by Vanko. Shch.I.T. agent Natasha Romanova and Stark’s personal bodyguard Happy Hogan go to Vanko’s Hammer Industries, where Black Widow almost single-handedly kills all the guards, but Vanko gets away from them in his advanced suit.

Romanova manages to reboot Rhodes’ suit through the console left by Vanko, while noticing that Stark’s vitals are now at an all-time high. This is overheard by Pepper at the Expo and she tries to voice everything she thinks about Stark. Together, Tony and Rowdy destroy the remaining drones. After that, Vanko himself arrives, whom they manage to kill only by pointing the air stabilizers built into the palms of their hands at each other, resulting in an explosion.

Before he dies, Vanko promises Stark one more time that he will die. Rowdy notices the red flashing lights on the drones and tells Stark that all the defeated drones in all corners of the Stark Expo are booby-trapped. Stark manages to save Pepper in the last seconds before the explosion and carries her to the roof. She is shocked and hysterical and says that she can’t take it anymore and declares that she’s quitting. Tony agrees with her and apologizes for what she went through. They end up kissing. Their kiss is interrupted by Rowdy landing next to them. Warrior says he’ll keep the suit.

In a meeting with the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Stark notices a document about the Avengers project, but Fury says he doesn’t want him to read it yet. Black Widow’s report reveals that as Iron Man, he is suitable for the project, but as Tony Stark, he is not recommended. In response to an invitation to serve as a consultant, Stark jokingly declines at first, but after thinking about it, asks for one favor in return, related to his and Rowdy’s state awards ceremony. Fury promises to help.

Tony and Rhodes are presented with medals “for exceptional contribution to security” from the hands of the very Senator Stern, who at the beginning of the movie was making fun of Iron Man. In passing, the Senator says “such a little bitch, but it pisses me off”, in the script — about the medal’s needle, but in the meaning — about Stark.

After the credits, Agent Phil Coulson is shown arriving at the dig and calling his boss Nick Fury, informing him that they’ve found “it”. “It” turns out to be Thor’s hammer, which is shown in close-up, which is a hint to the next movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Thor”.