You have got to be kidding me!

As some of you here may know, I have been dealing with cronic pain for the last 6/7 years and finally decided to stop EVERYTHING and take care of myself. This GREAT country that I live in and call myself a citizen of allows me, and you by the way, to do that and for that, I am truly, truly grateful.

In these last 12/13 months I have seen, heard and been a part of the American Experience, if you will and for the most part have been quietly moving under the radar. I have put a few stories up here and truly have no clue as to or if anyone is reading them or overall gives a shit. My true fear, and this grows out of what I have witnessed over these last few months, is it’s the latter of the two.

Has my ego taken a beating because of this, you may ask? OH HELL NO! What has happened however is that with this time that I have been blessed with, that is to slow down and take a look at this great country from another prospective, is just how misled we all have become.

I sit in resturants and watch couples text other people that are not there. I watch people, and their mindless expressions, ride on the transit line, in this almost robotic stage, really wondering if they know where they are going. But the one that really, really scares me is the way that people race from stoplight to stoplight, in all type of vehicles, just to get to the next corner first or get to their destination so stressed out that their health begins to be come part of the overall issue.

Even now, with all I want to say here, I find myself getting so worked up, my fingers get tripped up just navigating the keyboard. This going so damn fast has led most of the 98% of us who make this country great lose sight of what made this country great in the first place.

The founding fathers, and or most of the people who have had a hand in making this country great in the first place, would never have allowed the current level of total bullshit that abounds in our nations capitol. We all know that but year after year, election after election, even local and reginal elections are full of known bullshitters, oppourtunist and otherwise shady characters. Now I know that the two, and sometimes three parties will parade one, maybe two candidates in front of us that may or may not be worthy but for the most part, if you can pull your head out of your phone or tablet, you’ll see what they don’t want you to. Truly unfortunately though is that you most likely won’t.

And now, the reason for this article.


Really? We, as a nation, are truly at a crossroad in our developement, another thing you would notice if your head was less interested in the fucking Kardasians and more in the state of your nation. But no. We get carried away with some guy sitting in the front row who just happens to ask a question we would all like too but will never get a straight answer for due mainly with the fact that it has to do with the energy we all use everyday. I can say that because I have worked for the oil companies before, (read that other article in the library that is me, here at Medium,)and the absolutely last thing they have on their agenda is our situation.

We, as a nation are in the midst of choosing a new leader, which oh by the way, neither one of them is worthy of, and all we as a nation seem to be able to focus on is this guy in the stupidest red sweater that I personally ever seen.

Let’s start with his name. Ken Bone! Seriousley mom and dad. Sounds like a B level porn star to me. But what are we focusing on as a NATION. For the love of God, his story made all three of the morning news shows, which is another article here altogether.

Let us not lose sight of the Donald and the way that he treats women. If you all did your homework, you would see that prostitution is alive and well on both sides of the beltline.

Ladies, let me break this to you gently. I have had the pleasure, in my lifetime, of navigating the waters of both the extremely poor, being homeless during my own self induced 17 year addiction to all sorts of things on the streets of San Diego, to the extremly wealthy in Newport Beach. Men of every color, race and or creed talk like this about women, or have in their lifetime. We just hate to admit that.

And before you all go getting on me for that, let me warn you that I have had female roomates before and I can safely say that, you as a group, talk way more disgusting about men than they, or we, have ever done. I can still remember listening to two females in particular, and the way they talked about length, girth and abilities of a number of men and their penis’s.

To continue, it may very well be true that the Donald is a pig when it comes to women but let’s not forgert that if the media craze was around during the time of the Kennedy’s, Marilyn Monroes comings and goings at the White House would NOT be as hidden as they were.

Let us not forget what I will call, “The Bill” when he got on tv and stated to all who would listen that he “DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN,” referring to Monica Lewinski. Hey Bill, news flash, everyone on earth pretty much thinks that some woman with your junk in her mouth calls that sexual relations. I do see though how your own view of sexual relations could become warped being married to Hillary for so long.

Your administration made sure to ruin her life after you missed the mark and landed your shit on her dress but being politically correct these days doesn’t allow many to get at the truth now does it. And then there’s the little issue of Vince Foster.

You all remember Vince Foster now don’t you? Well let me refresh your memory a little bit and again, if you can pull you ever loving head out of your phone or tablet, you can look up the rest.

Vince Foster was, rumor has it, seeing Hillary about the same time that Monica was busy swallowing Bill and his junk. The day before he committed suicide, alledgedly mind you, Hillary was in his office and they had some pretty spicey conversation that could be heard by some of the staff in the outlying offices. None of that conversation’s subject matter ever made the news.HHHHMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

Then he goes and kills himself and that was supposed to be it. Well then it became known that a “Cleaning Team”, most likely from the NSA or the CIA, came by his office and did what they do and left absolutely no trace of anyone ever being in that office. They did to his office what was done to that bedroom in the movie with Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman where Gene Hackman, who was portraying a President, got a little to funky with the wife of one of his biggest contributers one night and she died.

Now I know that my adult Attention Deficit Disorder, if you want to call it that, can make it hard to follow and sometimes make the reader think that I have forgotten what the initial point of my rant is but follow if you can.

I once heard one of the numerous talking heads that seems to have made his way to the radio and television airwaves talk about how this is the generation of learned ignorance. My fear is that as much as I disagreed with him when I first heard it, that he indeed may be right.

Why have we as a nation seemingly divorced ourselves from giving a shit about where this great country is going. We allow the medical complex repair, not cure mind you, the damage done to our bodies what the geneticly altered food complex has paid millions to get to market. Dow, Monsanto Bayer and Cargill have done more to ruin and or poison our food than any and all politicians combined.

Just look into a market, any market and read, and I mean really read the label of ingredients of what they have allowed to go into our food and you can see why we as a nation are so sick. And how did this all happen. In my humble opinion, somewhere along the trail, we became apathetic and that morphed into just not giving a shit. The true question here is are we going to do anything about it. My true fear is that we are not. My older brother once said that as long as the people can fill up their SUV’s and get 2.5 weeks of vacation a year then very little will be done. Another fear of mine is that he was right.

When I watch the debates, I truly wonder if those people in the audiences believe that either one of the candidates truly gives a shit about them as a citizen of the greatest nation in the world. The Republican party seems to be distancing itself from the Donald for his latest comments from over 10 years ago. But is that the real reason? Or are they so afraid that if he did get elected, the sweet little gig they have worked out for themselves would be threatened? I mean let’s just take a short look at the longest screw job in the history of man.

They vote themselves raises wether they have earned it or not. They have amazing retirement packages that are gauranteed with better health insurance than many CEO’s of major company’s have, let alone people like you and me.

Small side note here. I was making 65K a year as a single, white, over the road truck driver and their idea of the afordable care act for me was $756.00 per month with a, depending on where I got sick in Anywhere, America, a $500.00 to $5000.00 co-pay. Affordable……….I think not.

To continue, the Congress takes an amazing amount of time off and then attempts to make themselves look like martyrs when they “burn the midnight oil to hammer out a budget.” Seriously? Maybe, just maybe, if they concentrated more on the budget than the taxpayer funded gourmet meals they have day in and day out they’d get more shit done.

In closing, I’d like to place the blame on EXACTLY where it belongs. On you and me. We have allowed it to get this bad because we have come, or been taught to except and settle for less. We tolerate the lying, the crazy ass spending on projects and useless ideals, the deception and the overall mistreatment of the money that they demand we give them every year.

Really quickly here, why do we give ANY money at all to people and countries that cannot stand that we even exist when young boys and girls in this country go hungry and are homeless day after day after day. But we do and it is never questioned. If it is, we never get a straight answer. For every politician in America there is at least 5 speech writers, or SPIN DOCTORS, to make sure that the correct stuff is said. Not nessarily the right stuff but the correct stuff to get that good old agenda pushed through.

Anyway, as long as we allow these people to have a job, paying no attention to what little work is truly done, then we deserve whatever we get. Until we get so fed up with these lying idiots that we vote them all out and cancel their unearned pensions and insurance plans, then all of this will continue to spiral out of control.

They have us all so afraid to speak up that when or if it all turns around remains a mystery. If you do speak up, such as I am doing here, you can either disappear, and yes, they do that, or get audited by the IRS, or just have your life made miserable. Nice huh?!

Now I understand that many of you have or will write all of this off and that’s fine. Others will find fault in some or all parts so that you wont feel bad about blowing it off and just continuing down the road your on. Cool that. We all still have a choice. I just wanted to get this out there before I go away or can’t do this anymore.

I know that this is the greatest nation in the world. I get that. We have freedoms other people can only dream about. My question is this. Just how much greater could we be? How many more people could we help, here and abroad if we could just refocus?The change begins with me doing what I feel is right. I may not like it but hopefully this country will continue on long after I am gone.


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