Why 2015 is the Year for Podcasting

Earlier this month, IRON ANCHOR’s co-founders emailed the staff outlining their goals for 2015. With everyone hitting the ground running at the end of 2014, they’ve set up IRON ANCHOR to truly take flight in 2015. Here’s the goals outlined in the email:

With the success of traditional podcasts this year, we are positioned to stay true to the promises we’ve mapped out in our manifesto. Everyone has done such a fabulous job in 2014 getting IRON ANCHOR off the ground, and I hope each of you are proud of the world we’ve accomplished thus far.

As we look forward for the rest of 2015, I’d like to outline some of the goals we should keep in mind as we move through the year.

1. Have a total of 8 scripted weekly shows by year’s end.
The thing we do better than any of our competitors is create quality scripted audio content. Plenty create quality content, plenty create quality scripted content. We are the best at creating quality scripted audio content. While still maintaining our level of excellence, let’s continue to add additional shows to our programming slate. Let’s on board the best content creators to create quality scripted programs under the IRON ANCHOR name.

2. News
There’s huge opportunity for news in the podcast world. Let’s look at opportunities to redefine modern journalism and technology in this space. In recent years, technology has it possible to instantly spread information. How can we ensure that information is accurate?

3. Formats
How are people listening to our shows? Where are they when they tune in? What are they doing while listening? Let’s open ourselves up to the possibilities of adapting the technology which brings our shows to the masses so that we are continuing to serve our listeners to the best of our ability.

4. Business
As basic as it seems, part of our strategy is being a great business. This includes but is not limited to being a great partner to our advertisers, our investors, and the like. We’re looking to bring on more strategic investors and continue to grow our advertising portfolio to include better more strategic ad model and higher brow clientele.

5. Teamwork
It sounds incredibly trite, but we are nothing without each other — nothing without our teamwork and our ability to work well together. Everyone in this company contributes and everyone in this organization is incredibly useful in helping us to create a newer vision of audio podcasts in 2015.

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