The Catholic Church has gone to far!

I was raised in a Roman Catholic household and have been dealing with all of the baggage of shame and guilt that seems to go along with the rest of the SHIT! I can say this because in my counseling profession, which by the way came to be due directly through my own search for answers, I have run into client after client laden with the aforementioned guilt and shame. To be fair, it has not been everyone however at least 85% percent is not something to be ignored.

In my own investigation of this church/business, I became appalled, sickened and any other emotion you want to name for what they have done around the world in the name of, dare I say, God. I have instructed many of my patients to do their own investigation of all the events that are out there so as to not color their final decision. This search of facts, events and historical decisions by the church has been made easier in this day and age of the internet. I encourage every single one of you who is reading this to investigate and really look at that body of people that you may or may not put your trust in every weekend. What follows is just a little of what is out there. And yes, what you are about to read is all true.

In the earlier times, it was very honorable to have one of your children join the priest hood. That meant he would be educated, and learn the finer things of those times. One of the reasons that someone was picked from a family had more to do with what the church had to gain in the end rather than for the good of the congregation, which by the way, was conveniently kept ignorant by the same hierarchy that were supposed to be leaders. If anyone even tried to speak out about the wrongs that were fairly obvious, the label “ Heretic” was conveniently thrown out there and if the person wasn’t killed outright, he or she soon wished they had been, living the even harder life of an outcast.

This is only part of the reason the the entire European countryside is dotted with monstrous castles, which by the way were built on the backs of the “devoted” yet drastically ignorant subjects. I often wonder what went through the heads of the people that worked the grounds around these places before they went back to their own mud and sod houses.

Now here is the trick, or at least part of it, that has allowed the Catholic church to become the single biggest landowner in the world! When the priest died, all of the land that he owned through his family, and which was one of the initial reasons that the church pick them in the first place, would revert back to the WIFE of the priest. Yes, in the earlier times, the priest was able to have a wife. When the church figured just how much of a land grab they were missing out on, they had a conference and freely rewrote the rules so that a priest was “married to the church.” Since the rules were now changed, the land that the church began to acquire began to grow and continues to expand through revenue collection.

I don’t want to open the can of worms that is the Crusades, you can do that on your own if you dare. I say that because as you look into what the Church did during that time, and yes, doing it all under the name of God, you will see that the church killed more people during that time, as well as the random raping and pillaging that goes with spreading the word of God, than the all of the wars we have had here on this planet COMBINED, including what Hitler did to the Jews

Let’s look at the finances for a minute. First and foremost, the church absolutely refuses to let any one from the outside look at their financial books so any accusation can be ruled to be based in conjecture instead of fact. To that I say, “How convenient.” None of us have any idea how they spend the billions of dollars they take in, tax free remind you, every year. I can tell you from personal experience, they don’t spend shit down in Central America, Honduras specifically. I have witnessed some of the poorest people in this world crawl across the plaza’s of arguably some of the most ornate, i.e. alters covered in gold, solid gold chandeliers and candle holders, just so they can put what few pennies they have in the collection jars. Just one of those candle holders could bring fresh water to a whole town or two if it was put to some better use than to show others where to put even more money.

A few years ago in Santa Barbara, California, there was a church building that had “forgotten” to pay the admittedly astronomical property taxes for that area. Hey, if you can’t afford it, that’s too bad.

So what does the church do? There is a full page article that explains how this is the final resting place for three elderly nuns. One is blind, one is in a wheel chair and honestly I don’t remember the third one’s affliction because I was so angry at how the church was trying to make these three nun’s , who by all accounts had served the church their whole lives, the victims of the city of Santa Barbara and not the pawns of the big bad church who had fallen behind in their money taking and bill paying. Seriously? Luckily, the city did not fall for the ridiculous attempt by the church to get out of paying it’s bills and miraculously, they were able to find the money. Imagine that!

And then there is the church’s stand on the use of contraceptives while having sex. Now, clearly the numerous pedophiles that are deeply entrenched in the church have no need for contraception because an older male priest has very little chance of getting his latest victim, usually a much younger male than himself, pregnant so they just grab and fuck away at will. And what happens if they get caught you ask? Oh, they just get reassigned to another parish. Charges? Hardly ever. However, the church does take some of that hard earned tithes and offerings that they pretty much guilt you into giving every weekend and use it for hush money for damages done by pedophiles to the tune of roughly 500 million a year and that has been going on for many, many years. The church still has the belief that if you throw enough money at something, it will go away.

But to get back to the focus of contraception, a lot of people like to have and engage in the act of intercourse. That is understandable. Male/female, male/male and female/female, we all like it. But it was an article like today that I read where the pope was talking to the people of Central and Latin America, where the new disease, born by mosquitoes, is effecting newborns, to still NOT USE contraception. So let me get this straight here MR. Pope, you would rather these people take those risks and possibly live with the sadness and pain, not to mention the medical bills that will accompany these poor people, than to be responsible in this time and NOT use contraception? REALLY?

I have long thought that the ONLY reason the church is so against contraception is because it slows down the pace of new recruits, or paying customers, as some of my clients have stated. I don’t believe I have ever heard of the church stepping up to cover ALL of the cost of ALL of the babies that are born to these and other poor family just because they want to have sex with each other and not worry about another mouth to feed. And yes, I do have children myself and am forever grateful that I didn’t produce a child every time I had sex with my wife.

This new Pope Francis is trying to do what he can to shake up the old GAY guard in the Vatican, who don’t want things to change. It has always amazed me that an organization that just rails against gays, fags, homo’s or what ever term that seems to fit the time, is filled with the same type of person they claim to take a stand against. They just have the money to hide them better. I applaud what he is trying to do however I don’t feel, unfortunately, that he has a snowballs chance in hell of doing anything about it.

Having been raised Catholic, gone through all of the sacraments as I was supposed to and even did my time as an Alter boy, there is something deep inside my heart that hurts just a little more with every story I hear about where the Church has, in the name of God mind you, done something else to hurt instead of help my fellow man.

No article written about the church here today would be complete without this next issue being addressed.

It is the firm belief of this writer, as well as many of my friends, that the only reason that the last person to hold the position of pope resigned was due to one fact and one fact alone. Benedict XVI was the one man who was in charge of the Scottish and Irish diocese for years before being voted into the Pope position. While he was in that position, the worst pedophile class action suit in the history of the church came to light and he claimed to know nothing about it.


The saddest thing about that was that he was believed by many of the church and if you remember, that subject wasn’t carried in many of the newspapers over here for very long. As a fairly intelligent human being, it anger me that the church thinks that I will actually buy that line of crap and go on.

He was the man in charge. He reassigned those priest who imposed themselves on young, vulnerable minds who must now live with the scars that accompany those behaviors. None that I know of have been brought up on charges but the church was certainly quick with the cash in hopes to once again buy silence.

In my mind, it is clear that there was enough dirt about Benedict and what he knew that he was ever so quietly forced out by the same group that is trying to strong arm the current leader. They knew that the church would possibly suffer unrepairable damage to their coffers were the truth to ever see the light of day.

I personally would like to see Benedict tried and most likely easily convicted and then jailed. The last thing he should be allowed to do is spend the rest of his days comfortably isolated from those people he allowed to be hurt over and over again so deeply. I encourage my Scottish and Irish Countrymen to not go quietly into the night with this burden.

I have worked with some of these survivors and the money, where it may help, to a man, every last one of them has stated that they would be happier broke and at peace as opposed to a few dollars and a misery of the mind I can only help treat and not possibly imagine.