Giving Up Other People’s Dreams

Today I realized something. Something extremely powerful so much that I paused. Who am I? What do I truly want? I asked myself. Not knowing that I was about to come to understand I’ve been living someone else’s dream.

Yes, you read that correct. The life of a law abiding, tax paying, 9 to 5 stable job kinda dream. I woke up, and realized that isn’t what I wanted when I found my passion in helping people when I worked at RadioShack. Or the rush I got from helping solve someone’s need at Sprint.

Now, working at a MSP (managed service provider) I’ve found that I enjoy solving problems and helping people achieve their goals. However, everything I encountered was only enabling others to not care about their own growth. Of course, we are going to discuss why I feel it’s important for those I service to learn how to do the things I know how to do. Here is why in a moment. People often get upset, and frustrated that they can’t do something. They rely on others (in this case a contracted IT infrastructure) to solve their issues. Some of you may think well it’s my job to take care of their issues and solve their needs, right? Of course you are correct. However, I personally believe that when one is taught something disregarding the opportunity to learn and gain new knowledge is an unfortunate loss. Here’s why below.

What if I’m sick, and my department (my team in the main office) is backed up with requests and your request sorry to say isn’t that imperative to you doing your job, because 9/10 times you have another way to get things done. You just don’t want to accept that things happen, and you need to work with us as we do what we can to get to your request. Didn’t want to hear that? We should handle all requests all at the same time? Well, look at it this way if you were the head of your department could you help all 10 of your employees at once? No, you couldn’t it’ll take time, and usually one at a time as you assess the issue. While also dealing with people treating you unfairly.

You can always learn something new even if you don’t like the subject or topic. You don’t even need to know the details, but know your tools. Search engines are the best way to stumble into an understanding of something. Before you go griping that I’m just pushing you off onto a search engine instead of doing my job. Remember I’m speaking as if you don’t have many options which doesn’t happen often, but can affect your workflow. Which is your responsibility not mine.

I hope by now you are realizing why I feel that where I’m at doesn’t allow for me to solve bigger problems. By bigger problems I refer to helping businesses build relationships with other businesses while both accomplishing their goals and growing in profits. You may think to yourself as a business owner why would I help another business I’m too busy with my own. Did you ever stop to think that another business’s audience could be your audience as well?

You might think how can that be possible? Well, look at this way you know that pool builders and barber shops can create opportunities for each other? The way to do that is by the owner of the pool building business getting a haircut, and simply asking the owner of the barber shop. Could you give me 5 free haircut coupons in exchange for you telling your customers about my pool building company? Then, you think what does haircuts have to do with pool building? They don’t, what they have in common is relationship. The barber is trusted and while cutting their customer’s hair they can interject in a proper moment about the pool builder’s business. Which is full of value coming from a trusted source.

This is what I love to do. I love to build relationships and help others grow together in a community of people going after the same goal. Success!

This is why I feel I need to give up someone else’s dream of working the 9–5 and work for myself. Go after my dreams. I hope this message was helpful to you. If you felt it was let me know on instagram or twitter.

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