6- Sticking around even when you feel no more love in you
The 10 bravest moments
Jessica Semaan

The key word here is “feel”. 19 years, 3 kids, being broke, being rich,dysfunctional families, addiction, lack of sleep, stress, rage, betrayal,death,sorrow…..the list goes on. The bravest thing I have ever done is in those moments CHOOSING to love. It has made all the difference in a world that tells you that you that it is your right to do whatever makes you happy. By CHOOSING I have experienced profound joy, grace, forgiveness, building bridges, laughter so hard of the lunacy of life I literally peed my pants, loyalty, intimacy, tenderness…..the list goes on… I have no idea what the future holds and what lies up ahead. I do know CHOOSING to love my husband when I don’t feel I love him has been the hardest, bravest, awesome thing I’ve ever done.

Sidenote: a dark, sarcastic, jaded, caustic sense of humor goes a long way too

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