Grand Canyon South Rim — April 15–17, 2017

First visit to the Grand Canyon (South Rim). Long overdue. Fortunately it is probably better now as an adult since I can hike/bike at a much more serious level. Got a chance to hike below the rim and do a bike ride to see every vista along the South Rim. Tons of super isolated vantage points.

First time ever seeing the Grand Canyon
Descending the South Kaibab Trail
Skeleton Point
Ascending back up the South Kaibab Trail
Looking around the area
Sunset from Yavapai Point
Another view of the sunset
Campsite at Mather Campground
A couple of Elk grazing near the South Kaibab
Photo speaks for itself
Can see the Colorado River in the far distance
Rented some scrappy road bikes and road 20 miles along the entire South Rim
A couple Elk hanging out by the bike path
Arizona Beer, pretty good
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