Mt Whitney via Whitney Trail — December 3–4, 2016

For some crazy reason, decided to summit Mt Whitney in the middle of winter. Pretty sketchy and cold, but we made it. First time at the top for me. Great way to conclude my first proper year of mountaineering.

Whitney Portal — Trailhead — Covered in snow, no cars anywhere
Sunset at Outpost Camp around 5pm
First light as we approached the 99 Switchbacks
Beautiful sky this clear December morning
Sunlight came super fast in the morning
Alpine Glow illuminating nearby peaks
Lots of snow on the cable section of the 99 Switchbacks
Morning light really started to shine here
Crampons on, staring down a steep chute
Relief after passing the sketchiest part of the climb. Was using a self belay with the Ice Axe to ensure I didn’t slip.
Approaching Trail Crest
Struggling to catch a breath and feel my fingers
On the final 1,000' of the climb. Oxygen deprived, slow and painful moving. Also super cold
Jagged rock piles every Whitney hiker knows
Massive landscape, hard to put into words
Proof we made it
Summit Hut
Summit Hut 2
Neighboring Peaks in the distance
Obligatory summit photo, quickest photo of our lives. Headed back down immediately after
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