By: Jay Famico

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Ultimately, Revenue Operations is the alignment of sales, marketing, and customer success operations [on the operational level]. Then, when that operational alignment is at its furthest point, RevOps becomes a centralized function, which subsumes marketing, sales, and customer support operations into one department.

In most B2B organizations, marketing generates leads for sales, which then closes deals and turns those leads into customers who need service and account maintenance. …

By Jessica Estrada

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Marketing is a competitive field of work, and whether you are looking to expand your skillset for a career transition, or are beginning to use Salesforce and Pardot tools in your job, a Pardot certification is a great way to bolster your resume. But more importantly, it’s a great way to keep up with the ever-advancing technology being created, used, and improved every day.

With so many companies doing marketing automation, it’s incredible how many are not utilizing their tools properly. Yes, getting the Pardot certification validates that someone has a comprehensive working knowledge of the Pardot tool, but it also teaches them the digital marketing best practices behind the tool. After getting certified, they will not only have the knowledge to navigate and use the tool, but they will also be in a good position to create highly optimized campaigns. …


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