Do you have regrets yet?

I’m not a huge fan of Bill Maher, but this one is actually pretty funny. Will Trump voters to realize that they have been conned?

And speaking of being conned, consider the case of the Beristains. Roberto Beristain is a respected businessman who owns a popular restaurant, creates jobs, is a respected citizen of his town and father of three American-born children, is married to an American citizen, and is so squeaky clean he has never even gotten a parking ticket.

He is also an illegal immigrant, but he has fully cooperated with immigration authorities, who in the past granted Beristain a work permit, a driver’s license, and even a Social Security number so he could pay taxes. He has had a case pending since 2007 to rectify his status because he is married to a US citizen, but immigration is not known for doing anything quickly.

So when Beristain checked in with immigration authorities early this year, as he does every year, he was surprised that they detained him and are now deporting him back to Mexico. The mayor of the town where he lives and works even wrote in support of him, hundreds of people have signed petitions, and members of Congress have tried to intervene, but to no avail.

What makes this situation ironic is that his wife actually voted for Donald Trump. When she told her husband she planned to vote for Trump he was concerned because “He’s going to get rid of the Mexicans.” But she countered that Trump had promised that he would deport only the “bad hombres”.

Now, she regrets voting for him, saying “I wish I didn’t vote at all.” She and her husband were all for deporting illegal immigrants who were criminals, bringing drugs or abusing the system, “but not to get rid of all the people. This is not what America is, the land of the free.”

Also ironic is that there is now a twitter account, “Trump Regrets” that retweets disappointed and angry Trump voters. The account has already amassed over a quarter of a million followers.

Originally published at Political Irony.