Dumb as a Rock

Who hires people like this?

© Nick Anderson

We did! We hired Donald Trump. And he hired a bunch of crooks and liars, just like himself.

If you really want to see someone as dumb as a rock, consider that Trump decided to hold a negotiating session on live TV with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Which he not only lost badly, but he spent a bunch of time mansplaining to Pelosi. Yeah, that will surely win back women voters!

Next, Schumer set a simple trap for Trump and he fell for it. Yup, dumb as a rock.

But Trump is not just dumb. He even claimed that Mexico is going to pay for the wall. He’s either seriously delusional or he just can’t stop lying for a second.

Trump is going to shut down the government over funding for his wall. What a nice Christmas present for Americans.

Originally published at Political Irony.