How did he get played if Trump campaigned on leaving the accord?
babatunde powers

The US is NOT the world’s biggest polluter…China is…and by over twice what America produces. Please get your facts straight Snaggles. If you added the US (#2), the EU (#3), and India (#4) all together, you’d equal China’s yearly carbon output. By dropping out of the Paris accords, it doesn’t mean we’re turning the auto makers loose to cease EPA pollution standards. It doesn’t mean that the gasoline producers will go back to leaded gas. It doesn’t mean we’re going to take the scrubbers off the stacks of the coal plants. It just means we’re sick & tired of footing a large part of the bill to fund these measures in other countries. As babatunde powers eluded to, how come Germany’s pollution output has increased over the last 4–5 years as they are also member of this agreement? Shouldn’t EVERYONE’S carbon footprint diminish yearly if they’re part of this humanitarian effort?

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