Why the insecurity?

I always wonder if we can actually fully isolate ourselves from the stupid social standards. In an era of technology it is impossible not to be influenced or reached by these standard. The moment you have a smartphone or watch telly, or even talk to a friend, it comes for you.

It can present itself in different ways and forms, but the end result is the same. Messing with your head so you doubt who you are and what you stand for. You don’t think that wrinkles are nasty and you accept your ageing. But you keep seeing this commercial on telly again and again. Most likely, subconsciously you will end up buying it. The moment you purchase it that goes against who you are, your principles and your believes.

You think ageing is natural and is beautiful and it makes you wise and strong, but doubt has been seeded in your head by this bloody cream.

And that’s how you give in without even realising it. When you have a chat with a friend for sure she will bring up some new stuff that she tried on or some BS article she read. And she is your friend, when she vouches for a product you believe it works wonders. The best and the cheapest marketing brands can get, word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Now leaving the compulsive consumption issue aside, let’s talk about what this actually does to your self confidence and self esteem.

It breaks you to pieces. It makes you dislike, hate, want to constantly improve every aspect of your life. From the way you look to what you eat, you always want more and better.

This outside culture always telling you that is something wrong with your body makes your insecurity grow every second. Cellulitis, eyes bag, loose skin, small lips, hair too thin, nose too pointy, the list is endless. And the brain wash comes in pictures, videos, movies, music, text, words, it will take all shapes to reach you.

That leaves us with the question “how can I still love myself, when everything surrounding me is forcing me to hate every aspect of my life?”

I bet you never thought of it from this angle. Be an outsider to your world and you will see how they force you to hate yourself so you buy more. In the constant race to look at your best, be at your best, own the best stuff, you forget why you are doing it.

Ladies, you can’t shut it all off, but you must regain control over your environment. You can decide who to follow online for example, who to listen to as a mentor and inspiration, you can make smarter choices and limit your exposure.

The insecurity we are experiencing as women nowadays I think it’s at the highest. Magazines, tv, radio, all means are flooded of product placement meant to tell you how not good enough you are. How your skin has to glow more, how your hips are too wide, your breasts to saggy, your lips definitely too small.

I am wondering who decides all these standards and why should I follow this culture? I do love myself and I don’t give a crap about my loose skin and cellulitis and a bent funny nose. My imperfections make me unique… see how I called them imperfections by habit? Because the culture forces me To see it as if something was wrong with my body and face.

I am not imperfect nor perfect, I am me, myself and I. And every day I need to remind myself how great I am and how my inner growth defines me as a person and not the fake size of my breasts. So ladies, before letting them convince you how imperfect you are, take a step back and really think what matters to you in life. And if it’s not your fake breasts, then don’t go for an expensive painful risky surgery because they say so. Make smarter choices and control your environment!

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