Why do you overeat?

Who here loves food? Guilty as charged, I got to say. I don’t know if it was a choice or society imposed it on me, but I have always been a great food lover. A gourmand you might call me.

Let’s take a min here. How does society view food? People travel around the globe only to visit certain restaurants and meet the greatest chefs in the world. It is a culinary art which is promoted as such. Flavour, smell, texture, every single detail matters. And the smaller the portion the fancier the restaurant… hihi that’s personal observation.

In the last 17 years three restaurants have placed in top 3 – elBulli Spain, The Fat Duck UK and The French Laundry USA. The Michelin star is the highest recognition a restaurant can get. People would pay ridiculous money and join a crazy waiting lists to have one dinner there.

You can tell by now how food is not seen like survival anymore. It is a show off, a culinary luxury. The old days when food would only be fuel to go through the day and survive are long gone.

So why do we overeat? Is it the food trend of the 21st century being imposed on us?

I believe the truth is in the middle. Most of us have never been to a Michelin star restaurant, but that don’t stop us from enjoying food at your favourite pub or buffet. It is not luxurious food, it is not the best rated food place in town and yet you love it.

The low Budget food places are easily making you overeat. Take buffets for example. Who doesn’t go in a place like that and eat at least 2 plates of food and 1 dessert? I am paying the same amount regardless of how much I eat, so why not stuff my face until my stomach is close to explode? That’s the mentality of most people. It’s all about quantity not quality.

And low quality food is potentially highly unhealthy. Frozen chips, frozen burgers, frozen fish, frozen veggies. It saves the owners money and allows you to buy bigger portion for small money. Unfortunately, in time, it would work against you. Once you developed the habit of overeating to make your money worth, the extra weight won’t delay in making its appearance.

Although food is art nowadays, that is not the reason why people overeat. People overeat because huge amounts of food become accessible for really small money. So I guess I could blame the economy for encouraging cheap food to take a place in your everyday life.

A 1.5 kg bag of frozen chips is roughly £2. That’s how much I pay for the same quantity of fresh potatoes.but I have to remove the skin, cut it and cook it for longer.

And that’s how we get to the second reason why people buy cheap foods. Because it is much faster to cook. Or it’s cooked already, just microwave it. Saves you so much time and sweat. Compare a 3 min heat up in the microwave with cooking a proper dinner from scratch…for the whole family.

The price of microwave foods is actually a mystery to me. The bigger the pot the cheaper it works out for you.

So of course you would go for a much bigger portion than what you actually need, because it’s cheaper and perhaps you will make two meals out of it. Unfortunately you will switch on the telly and finish off that pot in one go without even realising it. And then beat yourself up for doing it again.

And before you know it, the habit has been developed. And you are left to clean the mess… the mess is the future, unhappy you. Don’t let cheap and fastly cooking food control your eating habits and make you gain fat. Control your environment!

In conclusion, despite food being an art and people being willing to travel the world to explore other cuisines, it is the food at home that makes you develop unhealthy eating habit and thus gain weight. Huge amounts of food accessible at small money increases your chances of overeating. The bigger the portion the smaller the money. Don’t let ‘deals’ control you!

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