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A little bit disappointed no argument was made for Kawhi. I get that his numbers don’t pop off the page like the presumed leaders of Harden and Westbrook, but some compelling stuff remains in his favor. He’s insanely efficient as the only all-star on the 2nd best team in the NBA while hardly losing any of his defensive potency. How many games can we really expect a Kawhi-less spurs who’s leading players would be LaMarcus and whatever’s left in the tank of Gasol and Parker? Do they even crack 50?

His performance head-to-head against all the other candidates are a revelation, and I think that we as a whole are overlooking how valuable the fact that he can take over a game while simultaneously taking the other team’s best guy out of it really is.

Still none of these candidates are ‘bad’ choices, and it really just breaks down as individual preference at this point. Whoever does win will be deserving.

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