Free Code Camp article which made me delete my facebook account.

Snippet of article.

Disclaimer : I will delete my facebook account in one week.

Romain Aubert founder of wrote an article in Free Code Camp’s publication Free Code Camp. It made me think deeply about continuing of my daily use of facebook. Of course most of the things I knew already knew, but this article triggered something that made me write this article. The article mainly focuses on encryption protocols being used by some major communication applications. But it also talks thoroughly about facebook’s data collection strategies. My article will talk mainly about facebook as a company and why it is a threat to your privacy and your data.

Facebook was once my favourite hangout place, it was my only news source, it was a photo sharing app for me, it was my tinder, my messaging app, it was my digital x-box, my study-group. My whole class was on facebook and eventually facebook was my classroom. It was my confession box, my event manager, my storage box and finally it was a biggest interactive human directory that lived and breathed at a rate of millions and eventually billions at a time.

But when I was posting every single detail of my life on facebook, what I didn’t know is I was helping to build the biggest surveillance factory ever created. Facebook is collecting the most extensive data set ever assembled on human social behaviour. Facebook may or may not have the plans to betray it’s users and sell it’s mammoth data repository to other major corporations. But it really have created a monster that is not so easy to control now. Hacking facebook account has become very easy for even novice hackers. If you google “How to hack facebook account?” you will get whooping 3,95,00,000 or more results as of 11th Nov 2017.

This may feel cynical to many as for most of the people their whole online presence is because of facebook. If you are uploading your cool pics to Instagram, you are using facebook product. If you are chatting on Whatsapp day and night, you are using facebook product. If you are searching for news on websites with facebook login, you are selling your behavioural and interest information to facebook. Even if you are not so phone addict and spend most of your time in parallel universe of Virtual Reality, you are using a facebook product. So facebook really is helping you to stay connected and enjoy with your peers even if you are not geographically close to each other. Yes it has helped many businesses to grow, it has been the source of world news for many others. It has helped groups to collaborate swiftly with each other.

1. Facebook is constantly acquiring more and more critical information about people, their connections, their transactions, their payment methods, their interests, their political and religious inclinations and much more making itself more vulnerable and dangerous for people using it. Recently facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s other social media accounts were hacked and his password was revealed. it was “dadada”. This is the man who has guaranteed you the safety of your data.

2. Facebook do not delete things when you want to delete them. Read the official facebook statement. “When you choose to delete something you shared on Facebook, we remove it from the site. Some of this information is permanently deleted from our servers; however, some things can only be deleted when you permanently delete your account.” before 2012, even private photos were not deleted after user delete them. Read it here.

3. Facebook is partnering with other corporations and some countries to change the very nature of the internet as we know it. Yes, in India facebook offered or free basics free to the reliance customers which let them access some 35 to 40 websites for free. This divided your bandwidth for premium services provided by facebook and other websites. To understand it completely watch this AIB video.

4. Facebook controls what I see and what I don’t. It unknowingly (or knowingly?)controlled the campaign of 2016 US elections. @gizmodo technology editor Michael F. Nuñez revealed a shocking truth about facebook’s news curators. Then Former Facebook Workers told gizmodo: “We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News.”

5. It can dictate the terms for it’s user. There was an incident when Social network attempts to convince users to install its new photo-sharing app by threatening to remove all photos synced from the Facebook app. Read it here :

6. It is collecting lot’s of metadata through whatsapp. Facebook after it bought whatsapp in 2015 announced end to end encryption and assured that nothing is stored on their servers. In reality facebook is storing all the metadata about your conversations. That includes, your whole contact list and their phone numbers, whom you are talking to, when you are talking to, was it a chat, a voice call or a video call. And there are many other threats.

Read it here :

There are many more reasons and I will be using this one week to post other reasons to delete facebook. Finally read the article which made me think deeply about this and write this post. It also talks about the alternative to whatsapp in case you think what you will do without whatsapp. Read it here :