actors — are you protecting your image?

Lets start off with the obvious — we are all subject to google searches.

Late at night, after all the call backs are done, the director sits alone with her last few choices, staring at your headshot, trying to the make the best decision for the project, but she wants to know more about you, so starts googling (can’t believe how quickly that became a word.)

What will the director find when she googles you?

Will she find stuff that isn’t relevant, isn’t professional and could possibly knock you out of the casting decision?

Are there clips floating around in the webisphere from stuff you did long ago?

I just did a quick search of Rosalyn Coleman. I scanned the page, I see my website, my imdb page, my production company — all good. OOOPS — what’s that? An old reel from 2010, on a long forgotten page, buried deep in my very own website. Not catastrophic, but not what I want discovered when people search for me.

Is your reel up to date?

Is it telling the story of your talent
Does it begin with your face
Is your voice the first we hear
Is it cut to feature YOU!
Does it have your latest headshot
Current contact info
Does it end with a pop that leaves the viewer wanting to call you

Or even worse…..

there isn’t anything to discover — because your reel isn’t ready?

You haven’t had time
You keep putting it off
You don’t have the money
You’re waiting for a clip from that project

These opportunities will be lost forever. And you won’t even know why.

As episodic casting gets into full swing you have to put yourself in the game.

Because we’ve been editing reels for 15 years, and casting from them, we know their power and their purpose.

Yes some actors get cast directly from their reels, but the main purpose of a reel is to keep you in the casting conversation.

We’ve put together a video that answers many of the reel questions that plague so many actors:

How long should a reel be?
Is my reel any good?
Can I use my self-tape auditions?
Can I use scene work from my classes?
What do I do if I don’t have one?

The only thing you can’t do is — nothing.

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