How to Grow Your Facebook Likes from 476 to 3,159 in 30 Days Without Spending a Dime?

Irsa Chaudhry
Oct 19, 2018 · 8 min read

So you have created a Facebook page for your business, and now you want to boost your page reach fast. Or, perhaps you have a lackluster presence on Facebook for a few months or years and now you are looking for a way to gain more likes on your page.

Today, we are going to show you how you can get a massive number of likes in a short amount of time without spending a dime on Facebook ads.

This plan makes use of an overlooked feature of Facebook that has an incredible power. When you’ll tap this power, you will see your likes count grow by dozens or hundreds per day.

Don’t believe me??

Check out how a social media marketing agency, used this simple Facebook growth plan for a client.

Client: Online Retailer

Before April, this particular client had a lackluster Facebook presence. And when she came to the company the organic reach of the page was already down by 94% and it has lost 51% likes in just one month.

When the social media marketing agency implemented this simple plan, it grew their Facebook following from 476 to 3,159 in under 30 days. See for yourself.

Since then the social media marketing agency has used the same exact plan and helped multiple clients gain a massive number of organic Facebook likes in the shortest time possible.

The best thing about this plan is even a DIY marketer can implement it for nearly any business. Let us show you how you can do that for your page.

· Build a following of exact target audience.

· Grow your followers organically without paying for Facebook ads.

· Build an online tribe that can help you spread your message in a market.

· Lay the foundation of a community that is more engaged.

With this plan, you can harness the power of pure word-of-mouth that will aid you to get your message across fast.

Your mission is to simply to light a candle.

Here’s how you can do this.

· The Viral Invite Campaign

For fast Facebook growth, you need a viral invite campaign. The social media marketing agencies leverage this plan to boost the reach of Facebook pages organically through their friends and their friends of friends. The end result is a highly engaged fan base as it will include people who have a personal connection to you and your business.

Before you fire up the engine, keep this in mind. The viral invite campaign will give you the best results when you commit to a short-term goal. For instance, get a certain number of Facebook likes in a certain time.

To accomplish the task, rally with your closest friends and associates. It will give you the momentum to reach your goal. Fast, short-term goals like this can help generate excitement. For example:

“Help me get 500 new Facebook followers in my first week of business.”


“Help me gain 2,000 Facebook likes in the next two weeks.”

Many social media marketing agencies have a practice of keeping a short time frame to achieve their goal because it helps them avoid a fall-off of enthusiasm. Once the things are in motion after the initial push, you can incorporate the viral plan into your ongoing social media strategy and continue to grow your following.

Let’s us show you how exactly you can pull this off.

i. Shortlist the Front-runners

To make the viral invite campaign work, you have to choose the right people. Pick the ones that frequently cheer you or like your business or life posts. They could be your family members, closest friends or acquaintances who are following you on Facebook. The goal here is to make a list of people willing to do you a small favor.

“However, if you want to be laser-focused and prefer only to target the audience in your niche, then shortlist the ones who frequently like or share different restaurants’ posts.

For instance, if you are in a restaurant business pick the people from your list who are the members of food groups or love to eat out.

This means if you are creating a Facebook page for a fast food restaurant, choose the people who fantasize fast food. Don’t choose Chinese cuisine aficionados who live in Honolulu.”

But if the aim is to increase engagement and spread your business message fast, then Focus on people who have a large following or social media influence. This is something we have picked from pros, who provide social media services. They nurture their relationships with influencers and hack their way to the top.

In addition to this, ask your employees or team members to make a list of their own family, friends, and acquaintances. A good idea is to assign them a target. For example, each of them should come up with a list of five people who are willing to do them a small favor. This could be their close friends, spouse, siblings, neighbors, or associates.

ii. Invite Friends to Like Your Page

In this phase, we will describe how you can invite your friends to like your business page.

· Head to your company page on Facebook.

· Find the link that says, “invite your friends” to like this page.

· Hit the link and invite your contacts to like the page. (Hint: On a desktop, you can choose “Select All” to invite all your friends at once).

· Now ask each of your staff or team members to do the same. Make sure they use the “Select All” option.

Once you and your employees send the invites, each of their friends will receive a notification saying, “You or your employee has invited them to like your company page”. Don’t worry, it’s an unobtrusive message so it won’t annoy people.

iii. Share Your Company Facebook Page Link

Amplify the power of your original invite by posting your company Facebook page link on your personal profile. It will remind your followers you had sent an invite earlier. The added bonus of this post is it incorporates a “Like” button, which means your friends won’t have to leave their news feed to like your business page.

So copy the link of your Facebook page and post it onto your personal profile with a message like this:

“Please like my new Facebook business page. Because we are offering a product/service that’ll help people earn more.”

Now it’s your employees or team members turn to do the same.

iv. Put Your Front-runners to Work

The viral invite campaign is now in effect. This is how it will begin to yield big growth for your business page and likes from folks outside your direct list of friends. Now it’s time to put your front-runners or A-list people to work. There are two ways to that:

Option 1: Manual Labor

· Send text messages or call the folks on your list.

· Send a text that says, “Hey Mark, would you help me with a simple favor?”

· Tell your friends you are promoting or starting a new business on Facebook and you are looking to add 1,000 followers in two weeks.

· And when they say yes (which they usually do), tell them it would be really helpful if they could invite some of their friends to like your page. Say, it’s easy to do and you can show them how it’s done.

· Or you can tell them right away they can find a link on your Facebook page that says “invite friends” to like your page. Just click that link and invite all their friends at once.

· In case, they fail to get it you can always call them and explain in detail. Don’t forget to thank them.

Option 2: Quick Message

· Send a quick message to your friends on Facebook.

· You can write, “Hey Mike, I need a small favor. I want to generate 1,000 likes in 2 weeks on my Facebook page. Can you help me get over the hump?”

· Your employees and team members can do the same. Ask them to change up the message slightly. For instance, they can write, “ Hey, I need a small favor could you help me out at work”.

Option 3: Email Burst

· Send an email burst to your contacts. Use Mail Chimp or another service just as a social media marketing agency do if you have a long list of contacts.

· The content of the email should be something along these lines: “Hey Tom, I hope you are doing great. I would like to ask you for a simple favor. I’m trying to get 1,000 followers on my business Facebook page in 2 weeks and I need your help to accomplish this task.

Please visit my page (paste your link here). You’ll find “invite friends” to like this page on it. Use this link to invite your friends so they too can like my page. If you do this from a desktop, you can invite all your friends at once by clicking the “Select All” option. I really appreciate your help. Thanks a bunch. And let me know if you have questions.

v. Viral Invite Campaign Week 2

To keep building the snowball, the second week presents you the opportunity to follow-up with contacts you may have missed. If the aforementioned options didn’t work try to approach them by different means. Don’t hold back here because the study shows 80% of the sales require at least five follow-ups.

Of course, you don’t want to be a pain in the neck but regular follow-ups will allow you to sway people who may have been busy at first and failed to like your page. Once that’s done reach out to more people. This may include some of your new key followers.

Stay persistent with this strategy and it will work because it’s a number game.

vi. After the Campaign

Once your viral invite campaign comes to an end, thank your inviters for their time and effort. It’s a nice and well-deserved gesture. Then, consider a strategy to use the ‘invite all’ tool to your advantage. For example:

· Ask new followers, who are pleased with your service, to invite their friends and family members.

· Attend events and request the attendees to share and like your page.

· Ask your followers to add new members to enter in a giveaway contest.

· Trade invite friend actions with different business associates to help one another.

· Get more creative and uncover new ways to add members in order to keep the ball rolling.

When you consistently add new followers it will keep your page engagement high too, which in turn will improve your Facebook rankings. Once you are up in the rankings, it’ll provide a steady stream of potential clients, who can refer your business to their friends.

It’s Time to Grow Your Following

Now use this viral invite campaign to grow your following and give your business the boost it needs. Or start your own social media marketing agency and charge businesses for growing their following on Facebook.

Irsa Chaudhry

Written by

Entrepreneur | Cofounder/COO Buzz Interactive. Helping businesses grow

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