“Where are you really from?”
Marie Zafimehy

I went through an awkward situation related to your topic. I’m Brazilian, and during a network event I got to know a Swidish woman, she asked me where I was from, when I said Brazil she just looked at me with wonder and started saying: “I thought Brazilians were…”, I could see regret in her eyes during this long pause, I was shocked, and wanted to know how far that could go, I kept looking her in the eyes and gave a sign I was waiting for her to end the phrase, but she started feeling uncomfortable and I asked if she thought Brazilians were “taller”, she smiled in agreement and looked relieved she didn’t need to finish what she was going to say. I make jokes with my friends saying that she probably thought Brazilians were more handsome than the small guy in front of her by then, since I’m white and don’t have Latin traits. But I felt quite sad people expect Brazilians to have some racial identity, what is nonsense once Brazil is a huge mix of races, any one looks like a Brazilian. ☺

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