Harnessing Positive Vibes

I thank to Allah Almighty for shaping me into who I am today. Yeah sometimes I blame Him for the things that did not go well. Who else to go to and speak your heart out than to Him? Yes, I can complain to Him probably fight with Him and blame Him for all the things that did not go well. Stop judging me for a second and think about the relationship I have with Him … it is so real and divine we share everything. When I achieve something He is the first one whom I thank to. But what about failure, negative thoughts and depression. All these things vanish away when I think that Allah has a path defined for me, He is the best caretaker. Every time I find my self shattered into pieces, the hope of a better future and the lessons learned from mistakes help me rise from the ashes.

I know that I am not perfect, but at least I advice people how not to repeat same mistakes that I once did. Helping people and reaching out to them and lending them a helping hand without making fuss and noise … God it helped me understand how beautiful the concept of From human beings to Being human is. Helping others and seeing them smile vanishes any depression within myself because at night when I sleep, I know someone is on a right path or is happy or is motivated because of me and then I thank Allah for all the troubles he put me through and the realization of failures just to make me know that how valuable I can be to people, how people can feel better because of me.

Being thankful to people who helped me in the time of need, taught me that being humble gets you everything. Whining about problems and crying all day that you didn’t get that or he or she didn’t treated you well … it gets you nowhere.

So be great full for what you have. World is already filled with negativity, how about some change, a little positiveness. That’s what I think when I am all gloomy and somber.

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