The stuff I think I like

  1. Things change — — because time flows and people change and the environment changes no matter how much we try to hold onto that “happiness” it is in some ways not MEANT to last long. It is going to change not because it is bad but just because it is. The good news is that new and exciting happiness comes into life. So when happy moments leave don’t think — there goes my luck — rather think “oh I must have another exciting moment left in my life”
  2. Second is MARKETING — I mean to be really honest I LOVE MARKETING — and I am sorry to say this but it is just absolutely fascinating to me that people are so easily convinced in wanting things, visioning new worlds, visiniong new futures — — and all of it is marketing + branding. One brand I recently came across was Ruby’s — a brand that makes sugar-free drinks from hibiscus. I recently went to their pop up and guess what they have built a whole empire of sugar-free drink universe — The Rubyverse — I mean after all it's a flavored water brand (though they do taste really good strongly recommend as a fanatic Selzer water drinker). But by creating these storylines and meticulously branding its company it has been able to become much more than that. Starting at flavored water — but expanding to designed goods, taro cards, t-shirts, etc. Heck. Their designs remind me so much of NFTs — probably will investigate that?




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