10 business ideas from the table mountain.

I learn a lot of things about lot of things. I try to be at the moment as much as I can. It helps. We miss lot of lessons by trying to be somewhere while we are here.

Table mountain has been named the 7th wonders of the world. No wonder. The mountain is caved in an unsual manner which we will anticipate from mountains. Mountains are usually circular and try build their way to the top while allowing water to flow all the way down but not table mountain. It is a table as the name goes. It is surrounded by other mountains — the devil’s peak and twelve apostles. I wish I had time to dig into the details. This post is about the business ideas or rather lessons we can all learn from the mountain.

1. People travel to find what is worth talking about : Create something remarkable. Something worth making a remark about.
2. Innovation doesn’t mean technology: Table mountain is not made great because of tech infrastructure but the combination of nature and providing unique , amazing and exciting experience.
3. Don’t bill everything: Once you get to the top they have toilets and they don’t charge for it. Usually people will be desperate then that will open a way for large profits but they don’t.
4. Sell the brand: The clothing apparel is costly. But the thing is people buy it anyway. People buy the things that makes them tell stories no matter how much it cost.
5. Create adverture and experience: Seeing the mountain from the bottom, it looks like it is just a mountain then you are done. However , the mountain has coffee shops, hiking routines, and binoculars in other to view the world from the top.
6. Give people more than what they came for : The expectations usually changes once you get to the top.
7. Make it safe for people to explore and experience for themselves.
8. Hire great team : They have great team.
9. Focus on making remarkable experiences for other people then you can charge money: We usually ask money early then it blinds us from delivering great products or services.
10. It scary then safe then exciting: The cable is safe but it is scary because it rotates to allow different perspective. But if it is safe then you give people a great experience.

Above all I have realised that jobs are created by people. We don’t have to look far in order to create industries. It usually takes perpective, industrialization and persuasion to create jobs. I did a blog about how the three work together on my timeline — Facebook.

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