Developing your passion: Easy and hard.

I think I found what I would love to do for as long as I live — speaking. I love writing but it’s my second nature — I had to really work hard on it to become a better writer. Writing is a system. I use it to build systems and brands. I would be depressed if I had to hire someone to write on my behalf. I am bit depressed that I have to ask someone to design my graphics. I like to feel how something is created. I have been creating and building things by myself. The thing about this is , it is not scalable more especially in business.

People say, “ Follow your passion.” These are cliches. And nobody changes their lives from cliches. In fact, there are lot of cliches from people who have done nothing — believe in yourself, get out of your comfort , you are born to be great…bla…bla. Some are true. It is easy to say follow your passion — it is process. The process starts from knowing and understanding who you are and many people don’t know who they are. You loved music but now you get bored. Or you followed a specific field because of illusions — money , fame , success, etc. In fact, many people are trapped here.

The most important thing is to understand that you can have many passions but only one purpose. You can love music, soccer , science and many other things and that if you make time you can try them out. It is amazing how the brain make connections when you engage in different fields.

So , you need to be practical. I love music but I am not a musician. Then you have to figure out what you are passionate about then build that business which will feed your family. Passion will always burn the beholder if not managed.

Whatever you are passionate about. Build a bucket that you can use to generate money. It is easy to say , “ I am passionate about writing and I can do it without being paid.” That’s good when starting but it won’t last.

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