Self — awareness is underpriced: Who do you want to be?

There are lot of things which are underpriced or underrated which eventually catch up with us in our lives — self - awareness, self — esteem, financial literacy, numbers, etc. We understand consciously the evolution of time and how ideas come and changes everything we know. However, since we don’t feel the movement of time and how things gets changed we underestimate it.

Know yourself and be thyself — easy to say , hard to do. We only know who we are and who we are has been shaped by our environment, influence, circumstances, you name it. Being who you are becomes a huge and demanding challenge for us. It is about reinventing ourselves and what we have thought ourselves to be. With time, we become comfortable in who we are and how THINGS are. Changing one’s life is hard. We have to be the one’s doing the changing. We cannot change ourselves without being there to change it. No

Humans are scared of being judged. The challenge with that is , judgement is the tool we use to evaluate the environment we found ourselves in. We feel overwhelmed when we don’t know where we are and what we are doing. The sooner we make a better judgement about our environment, the better we are able to adapt.

There’s something weird about you in fact each of us. The weirdness is unique. We love the unique and scared of the unique. We lived for too long in tribes. We want certainity and variety — making it hard to figure out what we truly what.

Self — awereness is to be aware of who you are. It is never a weakness. You are both your weakness and strength. Forget about your weakness, hard to do. Awareness is enough. Just be aware then bet on your strength. You can never get rid of your weakness.

The only person you should wish to be is who you are.
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