Reflect on your performance.

In my early school days they used to call it recess. We needed it — school is tiring and difficult.

We are living in the great times. Although the media would like us believe otherwise — don’t get me wrong, there are terrible things and people outhere.

Charge has always been the functional and day to day journey of humans. We improve or we daily — every day. The thing about change is , it might not work and it leaves us uncomfortable. We love what we are familiar.

We live in the Nike world — Just do it. It is true but we cannot just do we have to be wise and we have to reflect on our execution. Reflection is the ultimate gift we can give ourselves and a tool we can use to improve the future. We mustn’t regret but we must reflect.

If you are working you cannot be reflecting. Reflection requires resting. We have to still the mind. We have to evaluate what we did and what we got.

Set time aside to reflect your life. It helps.