Trumps admiration of Putin is misplaced and his preference of Putin over Obama is bizarre. But should the next US President, not try to review the existing Russia policy?

Russia was not the enemy of the free world. The enemy was a communist USSR. Now that the Soviet Union is disbanded and Russia is no longer communist, why are the free world and Russia back on the brink of a new cold war?

Is Crimea so important, or does someone really think that Russia, whose GDP is just 6% of the US, 33% of Germany’s, 41% of the UK’s, is going to launch a blitzkrieg in East Europe against a combination of these countries. The GDP of Russia is probably around 2 % of the NATO countries and still the free world is on the verge of a cold war, which will mean additional expense of hundreds of billions of dollars for the west.

Russia’s invasion of Crimea and support to separatists in east Ukraine, is in clear violation of international law, but is Russia threatening the West or is it reacting to threats it perceives? NATO has expanded to take in, most of the Soviet Bloc and was considering admitting Ukraine. It may have been better, not to go right up to the bear’s cave. NATO could have stayed a forest away.

Is it not possible to reach out to Russia and come to a compromise, with clearly defined borders, for all countries bordering Russia? Is it necessary to impoverish Russia with sanctions and a new arms race? Can its dislike for Putin make the West oblivious to the suffering of the people of Russia, for it is they who are suffering in poverty and not Putin? Instead of fighting a cold war with Russia while battling Islamist terror, perhaps it may be better to make peace with Russia and fight the Islamist terrorists jointly.

Russia shunned by the West or driven to bankruptcy, can join Iran and supply most of its requirements of arms or other requirements, thus making any future sanctions less effective. To maintain pressure on Iran and to stop it from acquiring nukes, it may be a god idea to have a friend in Russia and not a country which is scared of the West or hates it.

It is not Russia but China which will be the major threat to the free world in 10 to 20 years, specially its allies in the Pacific and also India. Does the West want the Russians (with their arms technology) aligned with China, or with the West, in the coming power struggle. The present Russia strategy of the West seems to be based in the 1980s not the 2020s? Russia as a part of NATO would take NATO to China’s border. If Germany can be a part of NATO 10 years after the 2nd world war why can’t Russia be in NATO by 2025?


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