Irvine, CA: The Best Place to Enjoy your Holiday

Irvine is a renowned city in the Orange County of California. This beautiful city is bestowed with San Joaquin Hills at the south and Loma Ridge to the north. Its wonderful weather and mesmerizing natural beauty will attract any tourist. Besides, it has been ranked as “Safest Big City” by the FBI. And unlike the other parts of California won’t have to face the horrible traffic here. The combination of natural beauty, warm weather, low crime records has made it one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. So, Irvine, CA is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy your vacation with friends and family. Some attractive places that you can visit are described below:

The Orange County Great Park

Opened in 2007, the main attraction of this park is the park balloon. The total area of this park is 1,347 acres. If you don’t have any fear of heights, the one thing you mustn’t miss when visiting Irvine is the ride of this Park Balloon. From 400 feet above the ground, you can enjoy the beautiful sights of the Irvine city and the Orange County. This ride takes place from Thursday to Sunday from Morning to Evening. The size of the orange coloured balloon is 72 feet. Even if you can’t enjoy the ride, don’t miss the chance to have a glance of the amazing scene of this balloon floating in the sky like a rising sun or a harvest moon.

William R. Mason Park

This park is named after William R. Mason, the former president of the Irvine Company. If you like natural beauty, you will definitely like this place. The place is an amazing combination of wilderness and beauty. It is situated in the southern Irvine. The total area is about 95 acres. The park was first opened in 1973 with 45 acres of land and later 50 acres were added to it. The east side has a small creek, rugged hills and bike trails for the bikers. You will see an artificial lake of nine acres on the western part of the park. Also, there are grasslands and trails where you can enjoy your day.

Xtreme Adventures

If you like to go on a long drive or racing this is the perfect place for you. The place is owned by Daniel, Alex and Michel Lombrozo. The car enthusiasts started this family business for other enthusiasts. They offer many exotic offers like Autocross Challenge, Car tours, Car Rentals etc. The place is situated at the Irvine Center Drive. If you want to enjoy the Autocross challenges, you have the opportunity to choose among some exotic cars like Lamborghini, Porsche and Ferrari. Before the race, you can also take help of the professionals who are always there to help the guests. Also, you can rent a car and go for a drive by yourself. The company also have facilities for the youngs who don’t have the permission to drive. They can also enjoy the ride with a professional driver driving the car.

Wildlife Sanctuary of San Joaquin

This place is a heaven for the people who like to spend their time with the wild animals. Also, it is the best place to introduce your kids to the wild animals which they miss the city life. This place is situated in the Riparian view and has an area of 300 acres of ponds with the natural trail of 11 miles. This place is found and created by a wildlife lover named Peer Swan. This sanctuary is the home of many animals and birds. Different types of wild birds like ducks, geese, herons, egrets, cormorants etc. are found in this sanctuary. Apart from these many rare animals like coyotes, racoons, bobcats and several species of reptiles, amphibians and fishes can be seen here. To enjoy these there are the boardwalk, Audubon House and observation area for the visitors.

Irvine is not only a place of natural beauty but also many other attractions like the Pretend City Children’s Museum, The Irvine Museum, The Irvine Spectrum Center, Beall Center for Art & Technology, K1 Speed Irvine and much more. All these places have made it the perfect holiday destination for you as well as your family. Learn more about Irvine, CA visit this website

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