SPOILERS AHEAD — Lessons From The World God Only Knows Part 3

Nakagawa Kanon (Flags 7–10)

To be a star! That’s the dream of a lot of young people all over the world. As it so happens, in the world of manga and anime, this can apparently happen with almost alarming frequency.

The focus of this part is on Kanon, a girl that, despite becoming an Idol, still has her own problems to deal with… As can be noticed early on, as she tases our protagonist within a minute of meeting him.

Kanon’s arc really cuts right to the chase, as it’s possible to understand very early on that her main problem is her insecurity. Despite being an award-winning idol and having thousands of fans, she breaks down after meeting a single person that doesn’t know her or doesn’t like her songs.

She becomes so obsessed with the fact that someone doesn’t treat her like a celebrity that she goes as far as to stage not one but two performances only for that person! (And no, it’s not love at that point.) After that person admits that he likes her songs, we discover that she doesn’t really have any friends, and she becomes quite clingy.

OK, maybe a bit more than “quite”.

We can slowly just how heavily Kanon depends on our main character for support, and how insecure about herself she really is. It’s so bad that in the hours before the biggest show of her life she runs away! And it’s here that the lesson of this chapter comes out — With some help from his sidekick and with a main character’s intuition (and a sort of plot armor), Keima finds Kanon in a walkway, where he talks about her insecurities.

In short, you should recognize your own achievements and not let the opinions of other lay down too heavily on you. Be your own person and allow yourself a little pride and self-confidence.

All images taken from Red Hawk Scanlation’s translation of Wakaki Tamiki’s The World God Only Knows

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