Diet to Boost Oral Health

While there is a lot of talking about the foods that you need to avoid in order to preserve your dental health, it is rarely discussed about the foods that you need to eat to boost oral health. However, it doesn’t mean that eating such healthy foods can let you ignore good dental habits.

Foods that you need to eat to boost your oral health are described as under.


If you want to keep your mouth healthy, you need to ensure proper cleanliness of your teeth and also enough production and secretion of saliva. When you chew on the celery, it can help in cleaning the teeth due to the texture it has. It also stimulates the salivary glands in order to help in production of more saliva.


Carrots are ideal for stimulating the saliva production. Saliva is really important in prevention of gum diseases as it rinses away the plaque buildup when you chew on it.


The major reason for the usefulness of pineapple for oral health is that it contains an enzyme called bromelain. The main job of this enzyme is to break up the protein formation in the mouth for the best preservation of dental and oral health. Furthermore, there are several other vitamins and minerals in the pineapple that do not only help in maintaining better oral health as well as overall health.


Although, milk and other dairy products are beneficial for oral health, cheese gives more benefits than any other in the dairy family. There are a number of elements and factors that make cheese a better material for oral health. For instance, cheese has the high content of calcium, low sugar levels and low acid level. Most importantly, it contains casein. Casein in the protein which strengthens the bones and tooth enamel, something which the teeth crucially need in order to stay preserved.


Like cheese, yogurt contains bulk of casein which helps in the strengthening of tooth’s bone content and its enamel.


While many fruits can help in maintaining oral health, there are quite a few which can actually weaken the teeth due to high content of citric acids. Peach is one of the fruits which have low acid content. However, pear has the characteristics very similar to the apple when comes to chewing. Furthermore, pear has the vitamins and minerals which can serve the dental health in a better way.

After the discussion about items that you can eat, here is the detail about what you can drink for boosting oral health.

Tap water

When it comes to having beverages for better oral health, nothing is as beneficial as tap water. Tap water usually has high content of fluoride which is highly beneficial for the dental health. Now, you can further imagine how good it would be if you get consistent supply of fluoride every time you drink.

Again, it’s worth mentioning in the end that you need to maintain your dental hygiene routine along with these foods and beverages. Dental hygiene practices are of primary importance.