Peom for God-

Clouds move so slowly in the sky of Singapore

Can’t see your hands moving them O God

Birds flying so freely in the sky of Singapore

You must have fed them really well O God

Of freedom and love for these birds in Singapore

Please grant me freedom and love O God

Freedom from sadness, freedom from memories that traumatised me

And freedom to love and obey you O God

No more, no more of such violent, hurtful people in my life O God

May your unfailing love sustain me until I see you face to face in heaven O God

People everywhere in Singapore,

Most of them lost their smiles already O God

Is it because they got something wrong O God?

Where is their empathy?

Why are they becoming more and more apathetic?

I am not that friendly anymore, O God

Why such change of the feelings of our hearts?

Are you happy to see our faces like this O God?

Let your justice be made known through the Lord O God

May God of peace be with those who truly loves you O God