5 Reasons why you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T visit Ukraine

Market Square (Lviv)


+Ukrainian architecture is very different. West part of Ukraine (e.g. Lviv) which looks like Krakow or old town of Warsaw, Kiev with its impressive Churches and Cathedrals and, of course, Kharkiv with its industrial post soviet architecture style.

“Cafe #1” (Lviv)
Sofiivska Square (Kiev)
Gosprom (Kharkiv)

-Ugly outdoor advertising. Just have a look:


+Come to Ukraine during summertime or in winter. It’s just great to pay 5–10 euros a day for an amazing open air swimming pool in summer in the heart of the city. In winter it’s also cool, because it’s snowing and everything becomes so nice and beautiful.

-Depressive weather starting from October up to May. We are now staying in Ukraine and at this time (November), the weather is just awful. Ok, here is no surprises that in Autumn it’s always raining, but when it’s becoming dark at 4pm, this is really sad.

Arizona Beach Club (Kharkiv)
The Carpathian Mountains


+Ukrainian food is very tasty and cheap. Food is simple, though very delicious. Coming back home after -10 and eat Ukrainian “Borsch” is just soo good.

Green Borsch

-Bad news for people who love and protect animals. Almost all ukrainian dishes contain meat. Food is quite fat and heavy. So don’t go to Ukraine if you care about you weight. You will get 2kg best case scenario.


+As we are always joking, Ukraine has to be positioned as a SPA Resort Center of Europe. For example, having 60 min full body massage will cost you only 10–20 euros. Manicure 5–10 euros, gym+sauna+swimming pool 1 day — 10 euro.

-Since prices are so low comparing to other European countries, people earn peanuts. There is no possibility for an ordinary citizen to go traveling abroad or even to buy Zara jeans. The situation is beneficial for European citizens coming spend some time in Ukraine, but not for Ukrainians.


+It’s always nice to be at home. You feel comfortable and safe around your friends and family. Ukraine is the country of contrasts. In some places people can be super nice and friendly, but you can also face a very rude and impolite behavior.

-People like complaining in Ukraine. One economic crisis after another made people see things in a very negative way. Even optimistic and young people start being sad and angry when discussing socio-economic situation in Ukraine.

Here are a couple of pictures showing the contrast in social and economic wealth of people. First picture — fancy cocktail bar in Kiev, second — old woman which is forced to sell some stuff to survive (pension in Ukraine is 59 euros per month).

LoggerHead Bar (Kiev)


My first picture made just after landing. Humble Ukrainian fashion style: