Acknowledge, Accept, Amend(s)

Growth is essential for life. It just IS.

There is NO WAY to move to the NEXT level of the game if you do not learn how to master the level you’re currently on, and if you are NOT learning and growing from the mistakes you make, you are stagnant and stale. You’re essentially stinking up the joint. . . .you really need to do yourself and everyone else in your life who chooses to cross your path a favor, and get your Three “A’s” on. . . .

ACKNOWLEDGING that something could POSSIBLY be wrong is the first step in this process. I understand that given our human propensity to see/make everything, “all good” pretty much all the time, this can be an extremely difficult step to master. But, being the first step, it is the MOST vital one. If you just take a second to be as REAL as you can with yourself, then you KNOW that EVERYTHING being all good ALL THE TIME, isn’t even possible. That should be the tip off to you that something then, MUST be wrong, somewhere, in some area of your life (especially if we’re speaking about relationships with other people). So, as a general exercise, it’s just a splendid idea to periodically examine yourself — -go over the “rooms” of your life mentally and acknowledge which ones are in need of cleansing. You can go ahead and do that now; i’ll WAIT. . . . . .

Now, you’ve acknowledged that “someone” or “something” is in dire need of repair. Great. Wonderous. We’re there by a third. You MUST now, ACCEPT that YOU are the demon, the devil, the crafty little creaton that has contributed to (or in MOST cases) CAUSED the issue. In my humble opinion, THIS is arguably the MOST DIFFICULT step in the process. No one wants to be wrong. EVER. Being wrong is being BAD. It is being a punk. It means that you are an evil, demented, screw up who cannot do ANYTHING right and this deems you to be an undesirable who should just fade away because, really, you’re virtually unlovable. EXCEPT, that it doesn’t mean ANY of those things! The fact is, people do really, REALLY deplorable things at times (and sometimes they do admirable things too. . .); it’s just the way we’re hard wired. The only way to get yourself back to one, is to shut yourself down and reboot. Issue is, most of us actually get just past the acknowledging stage and then start practicing AVOIDANCE. While avoidance does begin with an “A”, it ain’t on this list, people! Stop blocking your bliss and your positive center by avoiding that you are in fact, HUMAN. Accept your blunders and your skips — -AND then keep on moving like Soul II Soul did in ‘89. . . .

So. . .you’ve acknowledged, AND by miracle of ALL miracles, you’ve accepted. You MUST now AMEND. This level is double edged and highly subjective. You’re actually doing two things here: you’re making amends and then you are going to AMEND. I know. It’s technically four things, but three is the magic number. . .and four is just. . . .NOT. . . .How you make amends is the area that is absolutely connected to how YOU do business. Maybe you write, burn, and release. Maybe you meet, spit, and shake hands. Perhaps you and all injured parties stand in a semi-circle in your undergarments while chanting, burning fragrant candles and holding healing crystals. . .I DO NOT judge. . . .but. . .SERIOUSLY?!? Whatever symbolic gesture it takes for you to bring healing into your space is how you should do. OH. . .AND please understand, one of the people that you must make amends with is MOST certainly your own self. . .After you’ve accomplished the first of the double levels, it is now time to AMEND. For some of you this and not the other levels is the most challenging. You must now alter your behavior; you DO NOT go back to the same tired, played-out behavior that led you to this situation in the first place! You have to replace the behavior with something else. Something that is decidedly worthier than your previous behavior! So, just to recap this two-folded action, the pertinent pieces are (symbolically) making amends AND letting go — -you MUST let go — -and finally metamorphosis or change. Please take note, people, that hanging/holding on AND remaining stationary are the antithesis of this level. . .just saying — is available to everyone who has the internet. . . .

While I did get a bit preachy on this one, I would like to point out that I am not saying all this while sitting on my lofty perch, like someone who. . .sits up on a. . .you know, perch that’s, all, high up and everything. . . .I speak these words to you as someone who struggles just like you do, on a daily basis, to stay centered. I am telling you this as a person who is, in fact, the meat in an overly disfunctional, life sandwhich. I ain’t trying to hold anybody — -I’m just trying to hold the cheese. . . .

practice peace. . .