The Jobs

Flowers, idols decked up in gold and silver, oil lamps, a man with a protruding belly and a hairy chest with sandalwood paste applied on the forehead wearing a dhoti reciting spiritual hymns is a sight across every temple in India. There is hardly a city in India where you wont find a temple.

There is even a temple dedicated for RE bullet in India. Every temple, let it be in any part of the country has a dedicated flowers and offerings selling shops and beggars sitting in rows stretching their hands and plates for alms from the devotees.

If it happens to be a historical, famous temple, then our beggars get a picture clicked by the visiting DSLRs of our international guests. The pictures roam around the world which along their journey end up shifting the focus of our country’s rich heritage to the poverty that exists.

If only the temples start hiring these beggars for jobs like maintaining the cleanliness of the temple premises and paying them daily wages, this poverty will be extinct in about a decades time. It will also help us the tax-payers as our taxes will be put to improve the infrastructure of the country and not in giving grants and special packages for the downtrodden.

Maybe the beggars can approach the temple management for such jobs but then they are so used to just sitting pushing hands and plates for their morsel for food, it would be a crime for having such hopes from them.

Temples can create jobs for even the uneducated, if we wish to !