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I have been briefed to share some articles about design which I find interesting.

This Article discusses the importance of despised typefaces in the Graphic Design world. I personally agree with this article as I believe every typeface has a purpose and has been designed for a particular reason no matter how bad the design may look. The SNL Papyrus sketch is one of my favourite videos of all time however, when truly thinking about the typeface and why it was used for James Cameron's Avatar you understand why the typeface was chosen. The futuristic tribal Aesthetic communicates extremely well with the films theme as well as being used as subtitles for the Avatars native language. Another typeface which has been criticised is Comic Sans. This typeface effectively serves its purpose of communicated gently with children.

The list continues with many other hated and despised typefaces however, they are all still created with a meaning and purpose.

This article is very fascinating as it discusses the relationship of Design and Science. What also interested me in this article was the importance of design in science. As a student Graphic designer it is fascinating seeing other perspectives of design and the impacts they have on other practices.

This article is very inspirational and influential for designers. Students in particular will relate to this inspiring piece. The article is almost like a guide for designing. It discusses the important and crucial aspects of design which will make your design successful. It talks about 3 important steps for successful design. Inspiration, Ideation and Iteration.

Inspiration is the core of design. It is the spark that fuels minds to create ideas and concepts which you thought at first glance where impossible. I have experienced this on many occasions where I have tried coming up with ideas purely from the design brief without research and have struggled. Finding inspiration through research is crucial as it gives you more insight to the subject and opens your mind to endless possibilities.

Ideation is working with good and bad ideas. Learning from bad ideas and resolving them into good ones. As mentioned in the article the best ideas come from the worst.

Iteration is my personal favourite as it mentions in the article that a design is never fully finished or completed, you must never settle for a finished product. Progress is crucial for design to be successful.

This article is very interesting as it discusses the untold story of the impacts Jewish immigrants had on design in the UK. What I found interesting about this article was that in the early 1930’s and 40’s Jewish immigrants who fled Europe took refuge in the UK and brought with them new skills and knowledge to the industry. I find this piece inspiring as I believe in today's world people need to be reminded of the contributions immigrants from across the world have made in industries in the UK.

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