Brands & Responsiveness: A Twitter Chat With #Brandchat

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 @ 11 AM

Brandchat hosts a Twitter Chat Wednesday’s at 11 AM EST.

When I was asked to join a Twitter Chat, I didn’t know what to expect. Will people actually ask each other questions? Will there be so many replies that I wouldn’t be able to keep up? While these concerns were in my head, I decided to tune into Brandchat’s weekly chat.

The chat was centered around six questions that dove into how specifically brands are responding to their audience, and in what ways are they doing so. The questions were labeled Q1-Q6 and people were expected to answer with A1-A6 in order to keep order of what each person was responding to. Here is a breakdown of the conversation:

Q1: Who are the brands quick to respond + what are their best practices? #brandchat

The vast majority of the replies consisted of talking about how companies like Starbucks Coffee, Tarte Cosmetics and many different airlines do a great job of being quick to respond to customer’s questions and concerns. Another person mentioned how some companies go as far as messaging you personally to resolve issues.

Q3: What tools best measure and reflect your customer’s satisfaction level? #brandchat

When it comes to measuring a customer’s satisfaction, the best way to do so is the old fashioned way. Getting feedback can be done through sending customers questionnaires and surveys. Apps like Yelp are also great for people who would like to know more about something before actually going.

Q6: What brands are mastering just-in time marketing? #brandchat

Just-in-time marketing goes beyond showing up on the market at just the right time. Brands have to plan and predict when things are going to be in the market “just-in time”. The biggest example of this across the board was Apple and how they are not just in time, but way ahead of time and their competitors. Another example is how make-up and clothing brands plan new collections ahead of time and market it for the time that a new product or line comes out.

Overall, the chat lasted about an hour long and there was so much Gator representation that even other people noticed! I never realized how important responsiveness is to a customer. Brands who haven’t already done so should implement this fast response practice as well as listen to the customer. This was a great conversation to be a part of and I will definitely be tuning in for other chats in the future.