Andela’s Self Learning Clinic — Day 3

My day started with a reflection on the feedback I got from my BFA, Seyi Adekoya yesterday. Today’s self-learning task involved working with search algorithm — Binary Search and User Interface Design. We were given programming labs to compare two arrays for missing numbers, implement binary search within array.prototype methods and to create a clone of a simple user interface using HTML and CSS.

The binary search assignment was quite tedious, it took a lot of time, but it enabled me to study and understand the logic for binary search.

I created a clone of Github’s sign-in page using HTML and CSS and it was fun. I learnt about pseudo-elements and their usage in CSS designs. I also implemented SVG — vector graphics for the web in my design. No programming labs for tomorrow, but I will use the opportunity to brush up my programming logic skills and go over my previous assignments, study them to know what I could do better.

Today was a productive day. Can’t wait for more.