Coder Academy Day 1-Introductions Amidst Lockdown

Isaac Cannon
Mar 26 · 2 min read

Hello World.

via Waitomo Adventures

My name is Isaac Cannon. That’s me on my most recent adventure, hanging 100 metres above the ground in Waitomo Caves, New Zealand.

I’m 26 years old hailing from Sydney, Australia. This is the closest to blogging I have ever come. So welcome! Hope I don’t bore you to tears. So why am I blogging?? Well…..I am enrolled into the Flex Track coding bootcamp at the Coder Academy Sydney campus. I’m gonna post here and record my coding journey. Maybe. We’ll see. At least the first day.

As a cohort we are already getting a unique experience, as Coder Academy has moved everything online! What with the viral apocalypse and all that. We just had our first day, an orientation. It was…pretty fun actually. Already I can see Coder Academy is not going to be your standard cookie cutter educational experience. The staff are hip! We got to draw on virtual communal boards. We shared our pet rocks, snazzy pants and best hats. Learnt all about that GROWTH mindset.

We had a mentor come in as well, and educate us on working remotely. His name is Damian Karzon, and I appreciate the valuable insights he could bring. Get enough sleep, make time for play, create a good workspace, over-communicate!

It’s especially relevant to me, as I am in day 5 of self-isolation right now, due to government quarantine orders (I came from New Zealand last week you see). I feel I may be losing my marbles just a teensy bit, but I’m confident I’ll have plenty to do now bootcamp is under way. And hey, maybe a little insanity doesn’t hurt?

I have no doubt the journey ahead will be very challenging. I’ll need to learn and adapt to become the best coder I possibly can. I’ll need to be like one of my favourite Saiyans, Goku!

Goku adapts to each opponent and pushes himself to new limits. He never backs down from a challenge. BE LIKE GOKU

(i would love to put an image of Goku here, but I’m still figuring out copyright business)

Isaac Cannon

Written by

Junior Full Stack Developer @ Coder Academy. If I’m not learning to code, I love being outside.

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