Randomizing life

If you read my previous post you realize that life tends to limit your views as time passes.

For the last few years, creativity and innovation have been something of a light obsession for me, and the digital and real life filter bubble go completely against them.

The narrower your views, the less fuel for being creative and innovative you have.

Despite the common believe that creativity is something you are born with, there are ways to increase it and become more creative. I read a fair amount about the subject and I still don’t think you can become Picasso, but you certainly can become more creative.

To me creativity and unexpected or random information sources come together and feeding yourself from new and different sources of experiences and information does increase your creativity, or at least the options and range of ideas within your head.

Then it’s just a matter to glue them together to get something new.

There are a few things I regularly do to broad my views, here is a sample list:

Go to lectures, the following are the ones that I try to go as often as possible:

Travel or live in a city

Read a broad range of magazines and books

I’m not good at reading from a broad source of books. But thanks to Stack, I do read a different magazine each month that I would never find on my own.

Do things you are not 100% you would like, and try at least once the ones you are sure you won’t like

My best example is opera, I was sure I wouldn’t like, I went once, and confirmed it. I don’t think I’ll go again, but don’t discard it completely.

Accept invitations to events without checking what’s going to be.

I have a few friends from who I accept going to the cinema without checking the movie. I just say yes, and plunge ahead. Once I saw the most bizarre movie I have ever seen, I still don’t know what to make out of that movie when I talk about it. I also so one of the most depressing movies ever. My point being, I would have never saw those movies if I had chosen them. And I hope it increases my creativity because I wanted to kill my self after the second one.

Do random shit and be spontaneous

Holidays, magazines, pick random events, accept invitations from friends, hang out with people who challenge your views and don’t follow this list like a list.

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