An Alternative to The Big Telecom In New York

Isaac AH
Isaac AH
May 25 · 3 min read

The ISPs Owned By the Community is Creating An Alternative for The Great Telecom’ in the City of New York.

Here is how three different projects are collaborating together to offer a Wi-Fi connection of high speed to the residents of New York City.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

You must have been stuck on whether to go for the Time Warner Cable’ if you have been considering to have an internet connection that has a high speed of the connection. Luckily, small communities and citizens that are living around the city are coming up with own freely operated Wi-Fi network connections. This has enabled them to get connected to the internet.

We undertook a trip to meet with the potential’ groups that were discussing ways on how they would join hands to offer new and better options for internet connections to the citizens within the city.

Since the year 2012', the Non-Profit’ Red Hook’ Wi-Fi Network, has been offering free internet to individuals who are living in the small neighbourhoods of the Brooklyn. Sometimes back after the area was hit by the Hurricane Sandy, the Red Hook’ Network’ was the only way in which communities could successfully gain access to the internet and connect to one another through the phone. On every typical day, the Red’ Hook’ Wi-Fi, boasts of more than 500' users.

Currently, the NYC’ has proved to be a little bit more effective rather than being a group for a meetup, although their organizers are still offering great plans. Their network boosts of at least 40' nodes, and their routers have been linked to one another to create a robust wireless network.

The Brian Hall Organizer is on the verge to build two great ‘supernodes’ which will be jacked together to form a significant and wider internet exchange. This will enable all the residents of Large’ Swaths’ and the Manhattan of the Brooklyn to leave the traditional’ Internet service providers that were less effective and be able to access a direct link to NYC’ Mesh Network.

Lastly, there is a new fibre’ project being developed which is aimed at offering many more individuals another good option for internet connection, that will be more effective and efficient at the same time. This will help them to remain substantially engaged especially when they are moving around the streets of New York’. The NYC Link project worth around $ 200' million is set to replace the 7,500' payphones that are being used in the city by use of the free gigabit’ fiber linked to the Wi-Fi’ hotspot.

We had an opportunity to visit the headquarters of the Link NYC’ in order to check on the new links and at the same time acquire more information on how the project’ is going to be useful when it comes to providing protection to the privacy and at the same time be a more lucrative enterprise, while offering several connections that will be used by the people to maneuver through the internet.