Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ In The 21st Century

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For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10

The church has indeed played an influential role in our modern-day society. If you walk the streets of my home city Accra, you’re bound to find a poster related to a church program such as 21 days of fasting and prayer, ….. Praise, …. Harvest, …. Revival, etc. These posters can be found on billboards, taxi windscreens, retail store doors, and many other obscure places. …

I got the chance to listen to an incredible guy at a seminar last summer. This was a person who claimed he had a “PHD” in Alcoholism and other related drugs. This statement puzzled me and a few others in the audience but after his speech, I then got to fully understand what he meant.

His name was Roland. I couldn’t hear his other name because he was talking really fast but at least I remembered his first name. He had a Northern Ghanaian accent typical of an individual who stays in the Northern part of Ghana. Mr. Roland was…

I spent this Easter Sunday morning at a small cemetery in my hometown, Tosen. Like any cemetery, it was quiet and gloomy as usual. Tombstones with their corresponding epitaphs lay scattered around the sacred ground. People of all ages were buried here including my great grandparents and my granduncle as well.

One of the defining moments of my morning expedition was seeing my granduncle’s white tombstone with his name glistering on it. Like my granduncle’s epitaph, many epitaphs had names and titles transcribed on them. These men and women who were once living failed to rise again to see broad…

By Isaac Attuah (@isaacattuah)

In a every system, there are days where things will go otherwise. The World Wide Web is not excluded. Today we round up the list of the moments that shook the entire web and had an impact on companies, nations and normal web users like you and me.

1. Google Offline

Well, this sounds impossible but it did happen. On the 16th of August, at approximately 4:37pm Pacific Time all of the Google Apps services were offline for 2 minutes. This looks like insignificant time for as humans but for computers its a lot of time…

Isaac Attuah

Son of God (Romans 8:14)| Think.Plan.Execute | Akora 17 🎹 | UM ’22 🙌🏻| World Changer |Google Developer Student Club Lead (@dscumiami)|

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