“Ganito ba talaga ang tadhana natin? Kalaban ang kalaban? Kalaban ang kakampi? Nakakapagod.” I quote from Heneral Antonio Luna, and as one can see it can still be experienced in our daily lives. We usually fight our enemies but our bigger enemy is usually the ones beside us. So as the saying say “Keep your enemies closer.” Sometimes our friends or the people beside us are the people that will eventually stab us in the back for they have access to us, to have the ability to let us suffer more.

The film maker is trying to tell us that the country’s problems before are still the problems today. The selfishness of opportunity and the incompetence of our government, our blinded love for the westerners and our inability to truly and selflessly love our own country, our inability to unite as one to defend our own. Me myself isn’t a fan of historical films, for some are biased stories depends on how the directors, writers, actors deliver the roles, but with Heneral Luna everything is different, you will not only love him but you will also loathe him in ways. He is not someone that doesn’t make mistakes or whatever it is called, he only has temper that sometimes isn’t controllable that led people to hate and kill him. The movie confronts us with hard hitting questions about what it means to be a Filipino. The movie captured my attention because it is a big part of our history in the Philippines. Heneral Luna is not merely a history lesson but an attempt to humanize historical figures, so we can all relate to them and see ourselves and our mistakes in them. The film was very entertaining to the audience that’s why everyone is watching very attentively. The function of art in the movie is for entertainment we all know that the movie is all about history or as some call our new way of learning our history and we may all think that the movie is boring, but with Heneral Luna, the directors, writers and actors made it entertaining by bringing up jokes that even the younger generation will relate. The movie for me let me have the aesthetic experience because it let me experience in some ways our history, and made me know some of the important people in our history; the movie even let me know what they did to help us be free today. Joven Hernandez representing the youth’s potential role in reforming the Philippines in any aspect, a young journalist for the La Independencia, the newspaper of the First Philippine Republic. The interview was used skillfully, interspersed throughout the film, to push the story to its logical conclusion. As I’m about to finish the movie, it made me think “What would happen to our country if Heneral Luna finished what he started?”. At the end,confront the film ultimately confronts our nation of nationalism: Who are we as a nation? Why do the same societal ill continue to plague us until now? What are we doing about it? It makes us ask the hard questions that we might be even afraid to answer. The good thing about it is that it has opened a venue to openly discuss these things and to eventually act on them.

Heneral Luna may not be considered today as one of the greatest heroes of our history but Im sure as hell he did great things to help us be free today. His temper may not be the ideal temper but he’s still doing the best he can to come up with great ideas that in some ways helped us to be free. Maybe Heneral Luna just picked the wrong people for the job or maybe his temper is really getting in the nerves of our fellowmen that led them to kill him. Though he was not able to execute or finish all of his ideas he started them and it somehow helped us to be where we are today.