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I’m sorry but if you think Franken took down Gorsuch you were either stoned or or need to get away from the political scene for a while. Franken, first of all, is a little brainer who is barely comprehensible. Do you not realize who Gorsuch is? He has overseen over 2500 cases. The only case the Dems could find to attack Gorsuch on was whether a company had the right to fire an employee. The law said it definitely did. He then told a law maker, “ if you don’t like the law change it, that’s not my job”. His job is to read the law and rule on a case based on what the law is, otherwise he is legislating from the bench, which isn’t his job. This is what Judges are supposed to do. Not what liberal judges do. Our country will fall apart if judges don’t get back to being judges and stop trying to be lawmakers.

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