Trump Didn’t Start the Fire
Dave Pell

LOL Dave. “The liberal elite. The academics. The left-wing media.” Are you saying these things don’t exist? I guess you only watch the media that hasn’t shown wikileaks, or that showed Hillary had the poor us citizen who made the video for Benghazi put in jail to cover her bad judgement, or destroyed Libya. You do understand someone high up in our govt. put an innocent person in jail. Doesn’t that sound like Stalin or Mao or Putin to you? You are attacking Trump who has played no part in the govt and totally excuse the cause of the mess we are in. You excuse Hillary for lying under oath about her servers. You don’t care that her husband had a private secret meeting with the prosecutor, aka. our attorney general, days before the FBI decision. You don’t care that top people in the FBI are outraged at how Comey gave immunity to everyone connected with Hillary’s case.

You don’t get it. We have someone who can change Washington running. Flawed, as he may be, he is our only chance to break the establishment and get back to some control of our govt. From both sides of the aisle, our govt is out of control. If we don’t get it back now we are in huge trouble. Are you blind that the Germans are fed up with Merkel and the Brits are fed up with the EU?

Sadly Dave, your unwillingness to think makes you part of the problem.

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