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LOL. the bill hasn’t even been displayed and the George Soros Drones at think progress and MSM are already saying people are going to die. Mcconnell says he is going to present the initial draft to be seen and that part is ignored by the same people mentioned above.

The same people mentioned above were the same people who jumped for joy over how Obamacare was going to cure cancer, be free and put $2500 back in your pocket. They didn’t care what was in it. It had to be good. They didn’t care that the Dems wouldn’t let the GOP even help. They don’t admit that this time around the DEMS said they won’t cooperate in this bill, even though it is collapsing before our eyes with soaring rates and less and less choice.

Here is the bottom line about what the GOP puts out. The problem was caused by Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the Dems with the help of the lib drones. Whatever The GOP puts out, it will be better. That’s the fact and the libs know it!

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