I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you still have not pointed out where in the literature you…
Robert Schlotzhauer

Sad. You hold onto a pathetic set of values. Why don’t you do this? Go find some specific place where it supports your premise. I’m sure you don’t have a problem with FDR, Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter all being relatively to extremely rich. Please explain why you don’t have a problem with any politician to have money from the left, or is this the idea of someone who has been successful that you hate to see in power. Is it only failures that we should have in power? A school teacher maybe? A hypocrite who attacks fossil fuels but drives a car and flies in planes or who buys a Tesla that is powered by coal power to generate enough electricity? Who, pray tell is worthy, in your eyes of running the most incredible country that has ever existed in the history of man?

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