Chelsea Handler: ‘We Have a Problem with Women Supporting Women’
Thrive Global

What a bunch of uninformed hogwash. Do you even understand why we have an electoral college? It is so each state has representation instead of just 2 or 3, aka California and NY. Hillary lost 75% of the counties across America. 2 million of her increased votes came from CA alone. What we need is a recount of the votes in CA where there is no ID laws and see how many were actually legal. CA gets that many electoral votes because of their stated population and that includes illegals because census can’t ask legal status.

To the bigger point, You would elect a criminal just because she is a woman. As you so racially profiled all Trump supporters as “ Christian Shariah forced pregnancy laws” supporter, we can clearly see how you think. You are cute. You should know that you have gotten to where you are because of that. Maybe no one told you this before…. you have a little of the blonde bimbo thing going based on your writing. You should know that no one is reading you because of your brain, which isn’t that sharp.

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