And you are obviously someone with nothing worthwhile to say.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Yes, let’s start with stupid, false comment 1

“Yes, both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have been accused of rape (although neither has been found guilty — yet). Both men have been accused of sexual assault (although neither has been found guilty — yet). But the similarity ends there.

Lie through omission. Billy already paid off one woman to shut up. Trump only has conversation between guys. I know you aren’t very smart or a troll but as a woman I would think you would be repulsed by the fact that Bill admitted his crime as part of the settlement. I think that you are taking too much money to be intellectually honest on this subject.

Furthermore, as a woman, you seem to be able to forgive Hillary going after women. Tell the truth. You are a Troll.

I could tear down your foolish comments one by one but you aren’t worth it. Like Judd, the Soros troll, you are just a paid entity, blathering like you have integrity. You should go away.

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