Ember Meetup Talks

I’m really honored to have been asked by Luke Melia to join the Ember NYC Organizing Committee and help out with running what has been a fantastic series of meetups. I thought it would be fun to pull together videos of all the talks I’ve given at Ember NYC going back to 2014.

One of my favorites is one I gave in late 2016 demonstrating a personal project of mine. Using Ember, D3, and Elixir, I built a social graph of New York jazz musicians who play at Smalls Jazz Club and called it Splanky.net. I’ve recently updated the design and added recent data so check it out! I also had the pleasure of presenting this talk as part of a mini-talk at Ember Fest in Budapest.

Demoing my jazz social graph, splanky.net Sept. 2016

Another favorite was my first foray into live-coding: “Creating Reusable Components in Ember”

Creating Reusable Components in Ember, Sept. 2015

My first talk ever at Ember NYC was on internationalizing Ember Apps. At the time I was working on a digital art platform that was way ahead of its time called To Be and we internationalized the site and localized it for the Japanese market. I also gave a slightly expanded version of the talk in Toronto at a conference called Embergarten. Here’s the expanded version:

I spoke in Toronto at Embergarten way back in 2014

This was another informative talk I gave called “Testing Responsive Ember Apps” where I demonstrated techniques for mocking different screen sizes in Ember tests.

Testing Responsive Ember Apps, Jan. 2016

Finally, my most recent talk was the most fun. I recapped the results of the 2017 Ember Community Survey in the form of a Family Feud Game (based off of this Family Feud Code Pen).

Announcing the 2018 Ember Community Survey, Jan. 2018

Thanks for checking out my talks. I hope to see you at the next Ember NYC Meetup. If you need any help with your Ember apps, say hello to 201 Created. We’re also hiring.